New Music Review: THROUGH FIRE ‘Breathe’

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REVIEW – Through Fire have released a “debut” album of sorts. If you listen to most of the critics, this is a new band with a new album. If you know music, you will know that Through Fire is not a new band. This is actually a band I discovered watching WWE a decade or so ago called Emphatic. Through Fire seems to have a harder edge to them and are covering Ellie Goulding songs. This record I am a bit torn on. Not so much from what I heard, but what I did not hear. This band seems to be playing it very close to its influences and not really trying to step out with their own identity. This record from the opening to the closing is catchy, melodic, heavy and very much a band that believes in what they are doing. From the vocals that go from screaming to melodic to all points in between to a band that compliment the vocals. Breathe is a great journey through 1999-2002 in music. The production captures a band that demands your attention. It feels at times, that the band is trying too hard to get the attention of the listener and not paying attention to each other. The guitar sound at times does bury the vocals. This album even in its angriest moments has such an upbeat feel to it. This is easily music to wet the panties and get boys moshing. It does feel at times that the band is struggling within itself on how the song should continue. It seems that musically, this band at times does feel a little lost. This album also falls in the “too promising” category. You get the opening track that comes out of the gates like a truck. Then, the rest of the album seems to be trying to recapture that in slower sounds and more melodic moments. I feel if people can embrace NICKELBACK and LINKIN PARK in 2017, they should have no problem embracing this band. I like the album, it was not groundbreaking but it was not bad. Some of the songs on here are made a little too commercial for me, but it is to be expected. If you liked the previous outing these guys have had, this is a step in a good direction. If you hated the previous band, well this may help you a little to like them a little.