New Music Review: THE NEGATIVE NANCYS ‘Sorry, Not Sorry’

THE NEGATIVE NANCYS ‘Sorry, Not Sorry’ - Cover Photo

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REVIEW – A show of hands, how many of you are sick of being force-fed corporate rock and told it is what you should like? I am a huge fan of Sleater Kinney, but the Earth does not stop because they put out new music. Squidhat Records for years has been putting out some really cutting edge punk pop that I feel have been overlooked in favor of lesser bands and product. From the company that unleashed The Gashers, The Dirty Panties and countless other great young acts give you something really worth bragging about, The Negative Nancys.

Talk about an opening track is misleading. The guitar opening paints us this picture that we are going to go into a dark direction then here comes this catchy punk vibe. Headsick drags you into so many directions that you are not sure where you are going, but you know you have to hear. Much like The Dirty Panties debut this record is a statement that music is not a genre or a destination, it is a journey with no bounds or limits. Mean Girl showcases that more than anything else, it has that sing-a-long chorus and this energy that just grabs you instantly. This band is not afraid to tell you how they feel, but they try not to alienate themselves into the subject but make you feel you are going thru the same things with them. I know everyone when they review women punk or pop punk they always reference The Donnas, Bratmobile and Bikini Kill.

This record I feel clearly does not resemble them, but it sure picks up where they left off. Cup Cake and So What are so hummable, you will not realize how catchy they are till they get played, and then you want to listen to the first four songs again. I Wish Godzilla Was Real showcases that this band likes to also convey this party vibe and get that music sometimes can be light and fun. The variety on this album is so adventurous. I am not sure what this band was aiming for and if they succeeded, but I know this album is going to be played a ton in 2016. This album is the anti to what other music is giving you these days, this is a band that has a passion and just wants you to have fun while singing along.

I hate calling bands “the next big thing,” but this band is the “big thing right now.” This record from start to end is incredible and if you are a fan of any band mentioned in this review or you are anxiously awaiting any new music from Squidhat Records, this album is a must own.

Kate78: Guitar and Vox
Kelley: Guitar and Vox
Penelope: Bass and Vox
Eva: Drums and Vox

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