New Music Review: THE COLOR OF CYAN ‘Agape’

THE COLOR OF CYAN ' Agape' - Cover Photo

Rating: 8 / 10 Stars

Rating: 8 out of 10.

REVIEW – Chicago based instrumental post-rock, ambient and metal band, The Color of Cyan, debut a new album titled Agape. The band’s multi-layered sound approach showcased their unique talents throughout Agape.

Agape opens with ‘Inception” offering a cinematically transcending experience. With the slow and eased pace of the instruments floating along set the tone for the new album. “Summer Days” starts with soaring guitars transitioning into an out of this world listening element with violins bellowing from behind.

“Little Stars” brings back memories of the most poignant endeavors in life: completing that all important goal, meeting the love of one’s life, and so forth. The song starts off on a slow pace and then heads into those monumental moments with uplifting guitars and drum beats.

 “The One Day We Met” features fierce guitars, a killer bass line, and frenetic drums on a more heightened level. This song grabs the listener and never lets go from beginning to end. “Agape” brings the pace down for a lovely conclusion that melts all the sounds together with rocking guitars, strumming violin notes, and calming drum beats.

Agape is a welcome listen for fans of all sorts of genres. Their sound resonates well with the likes of Tool, Russian Circles, Mono, Sigur- Ros, and Explosions in the Sky. For a different kind of listening experience, this album is a must listen.

Members of THE COLOR OF CYAN include:

Eduardo Cintron/Guitars
Henry Cole/Drums
Jorge Santana/Bass
Rene Torres/Violin

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