New Music Review: SIXFORNINE ‘Parallel Universe’

SIXFORNINE 'Parallel Universe' - Cover Photo

Rating: 8 / 10 Stars

Rating: 7 out of 9.

SiXforNinE is: Herd Booze – Bass, Fotis Benardo – Vocals, George Kapa – Guitars, Pete Outfox – Drums

REVIEW – SiXforNinE is an Alternative Metal band from Athens, Greece. I am privilege to announce their upcoming EP ‘Parallel Universe’. I have listened to every song from the EP and they are beyond amazing. I have been head-banging and dancing around my living room all day.

Give ‘Parallel Universe’ a chance to pound your eardrums and speakers.  The sound is hypnotic mixed with heavy and classic Metal.  The lyrics are out of this world as the name ‘Parallel Universe’ would imply. 

The opening track “Every Cloud Has A Silver Lining” features an infectious chorus with amazing vocals. The track has an incredibly catchy and crunchy riff that is backed by heart-pounding rhythms. The second song “Life Devouring Demons” builds and builds with a chugging riff that just pulls you along.

The third track “Bullet Off Its Course” feels like it was taken right out of my friends lives right now and very relatable. The song features fist pumping, head banging riffs that will have the crowd bouncing and singing along.

SiXforNinE – “Bullet Off Its Course”

The next song “Never Ending Road” is very catchy and will have you on your feet swaying to the groove. Track five “More Than Words Can Say” is outta this world as it features these weird space rock sounds then busts into heavy chugging riff fest that features melodic vocals that just stick in your head.

The sixth track “Counting Stars (A Parallel Universe)” features a low bass that rumbles through you as you move to the groove.

SiXforNinE – “Counting Stars (A Parallel Universe)”

Track seven “Out Of The Blue” is heavy but catchy riff that just sticks in your head. The next song “Sea Of Lies” is a fist pumping, headbanging riff fest that is pure metal magic! 

SiXforNinE’s ‘Parallel Universe’ closes with “Meditation Hyperjam” that is catchy track with rumbling bass, chugging guitars, excellent musicianship and catchy vocals.

I was surprised to know that the lead singer is Fotis Benardo,  the former drummer for Septicflesh! When things are destined to come together the universe will find a way to let you know.

Founding members Georga Kapa, Pete Outfox and Herc Booze had Fotis Benardo filling in for the band on vocals and the vibe was so on point he was asked to stay with the band.  That’s how Fotis Bernardo becomes your lead singer and legends in music are made. 

This is one EP you will be adding to your collection.  I know I will be.

Parallel Universe
August 2, 2019 
Eclipse Records

The album was recorded at Deva Soundz Studios in Athens, Greece, produced by Fotis Benardo (Septicflesh), mixed by Paul Pavao (Disturbed, Stone Temple Pilots, Breaking Benjamin), and mastered by Tom Baker (Rob Zombie, Nine Inch Nails, Motley Crue).

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