New Music Review: SICKPAY ‘Pureocracy – EP’

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Track Listing

Quiet as a Joke
                How Many Times
                Sick Pay

Brooklyn based composer, producer, and drummer/guitarist Sickpay debuts a new 5 song punk influenced EP titled “Pureocracy.

The first track “Quiet As A Joke” starts off with shredding guitar riffs and steady drum beats. This track reminds the listener of sounds from 1990s from such bands as Nirvana, Blind Melon, and more. The follow up song “Devoid” features rocking guitars that offer a call back to garage rock from the early 2000s. “Generosity” is a head thumping banger with a frenetic pace of urgency from beginning to end. The closing track “Sick Pay” is hard rocking gem with hints of ska influenced rock for a fast paced good time.

Pureocracy shows itself as a fun, energetic piece that brings the listener in and never lets go. Sickpay’s love of modern rock and lo fi hypnagogic pop are on full display. This album is worth a listen.

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