New Music Review: LUTHOR ‘The Rise of Abaddon’

LUTHOR 'The Rise of Abaddon' - Cover Photo

Rating: 9 / 10 Stars

Rating: 9 out of 10.

LUTHOR is: Dean Burgess (vocals/guitar), Chris Withers (bass), Rob Brens (drums)

REVIEW – Prolific Melbourne, Australia natives, LUTHOR have returned with their seventh full-length album in twelve years, entitled The Rise of Abaddon, released independently on May 20, 2016.  The exquisite guitar work and soaring vocal stylings of founding member Dean Burgess continues to shine on, just as it has since their 2004 debut, Skyweaver.

Bassist Chris Withers has seemingly found a musical home with Burgess in LUTHOR, by helping them produce 4 full-length albums and an EP in just over 4 years.  Guest drummer Rob Brens very capably delivers what’s required for a LUTHOR release.  The songs on this release seem a bit hookier, in other words, rather than straight-balls-out metal, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, there’s catchy melody mixed in with the fast-tempos and rooty-thrashy rhythms.  Burgess’ vocals get stronger with every new release, as he proves on The Rise of Abaddon, showing his strongest rooting vocal performance yet.

Every band that produces their own original music should take a page from LUTHOR.  They accomplish complete creative control, self-produced, self-financed, and self-released material.  The material is good- no filler, and it’s to the point.  No lengthy epics, No fluff. Nine tracks brings the album in at just over 32 minutes. The music is serious business, but that’s not to say that they don’t have a sense of self-deprecating humor; I got a note when I received “Abaddon” from Burgess that said “It’s not as shit as the last few.”- Hilarious! Their previous releases are far from “shit”, but it shows that they’re humble to the end, those guys.  I’ve been a fan of LUTHOR for years, their material is very strong, their messages are valid, and I think it’s time that you do yourself a favor and get to know them.

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