New Music Review: CRIMSON DRIVER ‘Crimson Driver’

CRIMSON DRIVER 'Crimson Driver' - Cover Photo

Rating: 8 / 10 Stars

Rating: 8 out of 10.

CRIMSON DRIVER is: Jody Kermoade (Guitar/Vocals), Bill Hunt (Bass), and John Harder (Drums)

REVIEW – CRIMSON DRIVER was created in late 2019 by guitarist and vocalist, Jody Kermoade, who was joined soon afterwards by drummer, John Harder, and bassist, Bill Hunt, all acclaimed musicians. Playing original songs in a blended style of Rock, Hard Rock, and Metal, CRIMSON DRIVER started recording for their first album in early 2020. Crimson Driver was produced by legendary Lasse Lammert of L.S.D. Studio out of Germany. Newly created in Omaha, Nebraska, CRIMSON DRIVER is anxious to play live and generate new work.

Crimson Driver is opened with “Crimson Horizon” with its blistering leads and rock-solid rhythms mixed in it offers a spine-tingling opening statement. The following tune “Diamond Eyes” will have you shutting your eyes as you’re entirely immersed in your thoughts by one beautiful thumping melody. Allow yourself to be whisked away in the fascinating flow of “Fallen Rain” as its evocative melodies mix with soaring, grinding guitars, and shattering rhythms. The following piece, “Hollow” includes soaring vocals, gritty guitars, and thumping rhythms mixed with unforgettable melodies. “Hourglass” will have the entire crowd on its feet fist pounding and head banging as they scream and sing-along. The next track “How Can I Love” features blistering leads and superb vocals that are backed by rock solid drums and bass. “Reaper Comes” is a strong gripping track that will not leave your mind. The following track “Time Changes Everything” is a melodious mist of memories flowing through time. Crimson Driver concludes with the track “Lonely Road” that will drive you to drift away with the rhythm and lose yourself in your deepest fantasies.

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