New Music Review: CILVER ‘Not the End of the World’

CILVER 'Not The End Of The World' - Cover Photo

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REVIEW – 2 years ago I discovered Cilver from their EP. In My Head. It was a four track taste of what this band has to offer. Frontwoman Uliana Preotu is very impressive in her delivery. That says a lot, considering that the band have some of the most catchy and sick riffs. This was an EP. that if anything else would make you believe this band is going to really give you something unique and different. Now comes the full length debut Not The End of The World. If you have not heard the EP do not worry they have three of the four songs on the debut which to me was a letdown of sorts. While the three songs do sound different in parts, it is still the same song. I felt that waiting two years, that maybe we would get all new music, but that is a small gripe especially if this is your first taste of this band. While critics and fans will claim that female fronted rock acts are a dime a dozen and most sound the same, Cilver breaks out of the stereotype with some very intense yet catchy energy that just showcases this band’s heart and passion all over this record.

The biggest positive is the range that the vocals get to, you can tell she is going to win people over when they play in front of more and more crowds. This is clearly a band that is going to grow and get tighter as they play more together. This record has so many surprises to it, like Frozen. Frozen comes out of left field with this cello like opening and just stripping this band to its core. This is a band who really shine more with each listen. While I can forgive them for the EP tracks being on this record, once I got thru the cd because my god does this band have a ton of talent and is going to win over both head bangers and the melodic rock fans in the process. This woman and this band are going to be stars, and this record while not perfect, is a must listen to record just to see that not all females are alike and some get by on their talent and throw the looks out the windows in favor of the power of their voice.

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