New Music Review: ANNIKEN ‘Climb Out of Hell’

ANNIKEN 'Climb Out of Hell' - Cover Photo

ANNIKEN is: Anniken (vocals), Marius Danielsen (guitar/bass), Alessandro Kelvin (drums), Brandon Bordman (growls), Orchestations by: Gabriels, Peter Danielsen, Choirs by: Marius Danielsen, David Åkesson Guitar Solos by : Gabriels/ Bill Hudson/Nick Giannakos/Fredrik Enochson/Tommy Johansson/Jimmy Hedlund/Nils Courbaron/Marius Danielsen/Terry Wapram

Rating: 8 / 10 Stars

Rating: 8 out of 10.

REVIEW – Anniken has been a part of the Norwegian heavy metal scene for years, with her band Darkest Sins, the studio project Ana – Metal for Charity, and being a member of her husband Marius Danielsen’s trilogy Legend of Valley Doom, both in the recording and also with the live performance. While in Darkest Sins, Anniken opened for Anthrax, Jorn, TNT, and UDO among many others. In Legend of Valley Doom, she has collaborated with such renowned musicians as Ralf Scheepers, Amanda Somerville, Roland Grapow, Matt Barlow, Doogie White, Jennifer Batten, and Lord of the Rings and Indiana Jones actor John Rhys-Davies.

Anniken, who writes her own songs and has a passion for lyricism, is advancing in her solo endeavors. Several of the tracks on “Climb Out of Hell” were written in collaboration with her husband, Marius Danielsen.

Anniken’s ambition to become a solo act has always existed. Some of the tracks on this album were written by her years ago. She had previously neglected this endeavor since she has relished being a member of a group.

A diverse metal album that is melodic, raw, and catchy, with tracks for every sort of metal listener. Some songs are swift, others are slow, but the majority are heavy. Some of the songs have deeper meanings, while others are precisely what you expect them to be.

The song “Spotlight” serves as the introduction of Anniken’s ‘Climb Out of Hell’ album. “Spotlight” has some incredibly appealing melodies, as well as superb vocals, soaring orchestrations, and tribal percussion. The title track “Climb out of Hell” features music and lyrics that are incredibly emotional and have a way of encompassing your entire being. The next song, “Back Then,” will have the listener swaying, singing, chanting, and dreaming away the day.

Simply said, “Just Walk” is a captivating song that makes you excitedly await every step of the journey. “Keep the Light’s” music and vocals are passionate and strong. Throughout the next song, “Star,” the listener will be overwhelmed by their ideas and experiences. “No Name” will have listeners standing in unison and ready to rock. Gritty guitars, forceful rhythms, and soaring vocals characterize “Save Us.” “Amplified” closes out Anniken’s ‘Climb Out of Hell’ with its gritty, pounding rhythm and bass and superb vocals.

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