New Music Review: AMARANTHE ‘Helix’

AMARANTHE ‘Helix’ - Cover Photo

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REVIEW – Amaranthe is one of those bands that you scratch your head and wonder what they are trying to give audiences. This cd has opened up a new term, “pop core”. This cd is a buffet of different types of pop along with the three singers going in so many different directions. Elize Ryd is the glue that keeps this ship together. Her vocals are so intoxicating and deliver with such a purpose. She deserves to be front and center. She has a great voice and knows how to milk a melody to the point that you get the point she wants you to remember this. You get the metal moments that are very welcome, but this album at its core is a catchy pop album that works. Nils has taken over from Jake E, and you can immediately hear the difference. I feel the new blood in this band has ignited the band to embrace change. The opening track “ The Score” is as metal as you can get. This song will get the fans on their feet. “365” is a interesting track. You get a danceable beat. “ Countdown” is what you would expect from Lady Gaga if she was singing with Metallica. They still have a metal feel to them but their diversity has become very clear. This is a band that is trying to move forward, and I respect that. “My Haven” and “ Iconic” are great tracks for hard rock radio. Molin does more power metal on this album which threw me off. He lacks the depth and passion that Elize brings. I wish he would have tried to compliment the sound more instead of trying to stand out.

When you have a vocalist as soulful and heartfelt as Elize, you have to try and find a balance or an immediate connection to the sound. That being said, Henrik Englund Wilhelmsson is a fucking monster. When he screams, it is vicious and intense. He has an excitement and dynamic that makes his vocals really stand out. This album is by far the best cd the band has done so far. I feel in the past they were lacking confidence in their direction. This time around they seem very confident and also very determined. I feel when the history books are written on this band, there will be a big question mark. This band just seems to lack something from getting it to the next level. It just seems that people never seem to mention this band as much as they should. Some of their songs feel dated but what if that is not a bad thing. I hope this cd does something for the band, I would hate to think this was their end. If it is the end though, at least they showed us that they are not going to go without a fight.