New Music Review: ALTERIUM ‘OF War and Flames – EP’

ALTERIUM 'Of War and Flames - EP' - COVER PHOTO

Rating: 9 / 10 Stars

Rating: 9 out of 10.

ALTERIUM is: Nicoletta Rosellini (vocals), Paolo Campitelli (guitars), Alessandro Mammola (guitars), Luca Scalabrin (bass), Dario Gozzi (drums)

REVIEW – ALTERIUM‘s latest EP, ‘Of War and Flames,’ emerges as a thrilling addition to the progressive metal landscape, showcasing a blend of classic prog metal magic, amazing vocals, and exceptional musicianship that firmly establishes the band as a force to be reckoned with. This compact yet impactful collection of tracks navigates through themes of conflict, valor, and the darker recesses of the human experience, all the while maintaining a level of musicality and engagement that keeps listeners riveted from start to finish.

The title track, “Of War And Flames,” sets the tone for the EP with its classic progressive metal dynamics, intricately woven with powerful vocal performances and a musicianship that is both tight and fluid. This opening salvo pulls listeners into ALTERIUM‘s world, a place where the grandiosity of metal meets the complexity of progressive arrangements, creating a soundscape that is as captivating as it is immersive.

“Sirens Call” follows, instantly recognizable as a crowd-pleaser with its very catchy tune that promises to have audiences rocking all night long. The track’s ability to blend memorable hooks with robust metal instrumentation demonstrates ALTERIUM‘s knack for crafting songs that are not only technically impressive but also broadly accessible and engaging.

With “Bismark,” ALTERIUM takes on the formidable task of covering a tune by Sabaton, a band renowned for their powerful, history-inspired metal anthems. ALTERIUM‘s rendition of “Bismark” is nothing short of powerful, capturing the essence of the original while infusing it with their unique flair. This cover not only pays homage to Sabaton’s influence on the genre but also showcases ALTERIUM‘s versatility and respect for the metal community’s roots.

“Drag Me To Hell” rounds out the EP with an explosive energy that commands fist pumps, head bangs, air guitar play, and passionate sing-alongs. This track epitomizes the EP’s thematic exploration of war and flames, presenting a raw, unfiltered dive into the chaos and intensity of battle, both literal and metaphorical. It’s a fitting closer that leaves a lasting impression, solidifying ‘Of War and Flames‘ as a powerful statement from ALTERIUM.

Of War and Flames‘ is a testament to ALTERIUM‘s prowess within the progressive metal genre. Each track, carefully crafted and executed with precision, contributes to an EP that is not only cohesive but also dynamic and engaging. ALTERIUM has managed to create an EP that feels both timeless and urgently contemporary, a reflection of the band’s ability to navigate the complexities of the genre while appealing to a broad spectrum of metal enthusiasts. With ‘Of War and Flames,’ ALTERIUM not only cements their place in the progressive metal scene but also signals their readiness to lead the charge into the genre’s future.

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