Mega Monsters Tour ft. Lorna Shore, Gojira and Mastodon

The name says it all, the Mega Monsters Tour was no joke. Bringing some of the heaviest bands through the US. The stop in Irving Texas to The Pavilion at Toyota Music Center was my day to catch this massive show.

Up first was a band I haven’t been able to catch yet, but I’m glad I did this time, Lorna Shore. They didn’t have a super long set. I believe it was a 7 song set but their songs are a little long so it makes up for it. Hearing Will Ramos do those vocals live is absolutely astonishing. You hear them on the album and you expect it to have some effects but he does it live and WOW is an understatement.

Next up was the mighty GOJIRA! I have covered these guys a few different times and their stage set up is always massive and down right awesome. Chants of Gojira echoed throughout the Pavilion just before they hit the stage. A huge banner with their name on it covered the stage and a countdown clock in the background started. As soon as the clock finished they began the show with “Born for One Thing”, which is the first song off their latest offering Fortitude, and multiple mosh pits opened up on the floor. Next song was “Backbone”, from their album From Mars to Sirius, and the pyro started right away with the song. When they started “Flying Whales” the crowd absolutely lost their minds. About half way through the show Mario gave us drum solo to destroy all drum solos. These guys really come out hard and heavy and do not let up!

Last but certainly not least experimental metal masters Mastodon headlined this date of the tour. If your face wasn’t melted when Gojira left the stage it was sure to be gone by the end of Mastodon’s set. These heavy metal veterans put on an impressive setlist that spans their twenty plus year career. They opened the night with a couple tracks off of their third studio album Blood Mountain, “The Wolf Is Loose” and “Crystal Skull”, and followed that up with “Megalodon” off of their most popular album Leviathan. These guys love what they do and it shows. Bassist/vocalist Troy Sanders literally bends over backwards for everyone in attendance, guitarist/vocalist Brent Hinds shows his dedication to his craft even while singing at some parts, guitarist Bill Kelliher has tons of fun playing to the crowd while hitting those silky smooth riffs, drummer/vocalist Brann Dailor sounds amazing singing while playing his kit, and their touring brother in João Nogueira on keyboards/synthesizers adds that extra pizazz that brings everything together. These guys really give you a mood trance while they are up on that stage.