Jenny Powers Of Blue Avenue Music Group Launches Innovative Artist Services Platform

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (November 22, 2021) – Jenny Powers is a South Carolina born business professional and one of two masterminds behind Blue Avenue Music Group, LLC, an up and coming platform already lending its services to artists and some of the best music marketing companies in the United States. In partnership with Stephanie Miller, the two recognized the challenges artists face when navigating the perpetually, and often intentionally, complex business aspects of the music industry. At its core, Blue Avenue Music Group seeks to provide unique, cost-effective resources that help artists build a solid business foundation for their careers and more effectively monetize their efforts. Potential clients can expect to develop a meaningful relationship with Blue Avenue Music Group that goes beyond the typical contract and business relationship; they seek to provide clients with an environment that teaches them what it means to be creative, artistic, and valued as a human and artist. The two business professionals pride themselves on their ability to deliver tangible results to clients, as well as working within the bounds of their golden rule: “to treat each client with grace, kindness, and respect.” 

Powers and Miller realized they had a great deal to offer to artists in the music industry after they worked together to help a band through technical difficulties. The two soon-to-be entrepreneurs saw the immense value they were able to contribute as a team – Powers on the business management side, and Miller on the day to day and tour management side – and knew that they would be able to meaningfully help a plethora of artists looking to establish a career for themselves. For Powers, she has found immense fulfillment from her work with Blue Avenue Music Group, “It’s the best decision I ever made,” she says, “this work brings me joy.” Before the launch of her business, Powers worked extensively in law and found success in a variety of positions in the field. Her background ranges from working in family courts, to spending eight years in investigations, to working at the largest law firm in South Carolina, though each left the seasoned professional longing for something more from her career. Powers found the joy that was previously missing in her career with the launch of Blue Avenue Music Group. 

Powers has worked with thousands of artists during her time in the music industry. Most notably, she has represented acts like Ari Herstand, Lucidious, TreeHouse!, Will Evans, Tropidelic, Epikker, and Sun-Dried Vibes. The accelerated change and challenge that imposed itself on the music industry, among many others, during the 2020 lockdown yielded a unique area of opportunity that Blue Avenue Music Group addressed head on: the widespread pivot to primarily digital marketing and growth strategies. With social media platforms constantly updating their rules and algorithms, new Apple iOS privacy restrictions being implemented, and other often byzantine changes in the business, Powers and Miller knew their expertise would be valuable in helping artists navigate this intimidating business environment. They work to provide a clear, simple, and measurably effective approach to growing a business that artists can begin using immediately. The two reached out to the developers at Artisthub and began a collaboration to create premium smart links and landing pages for marketing campaigns. Powers excitedly reports that “it is working and turning clicks into loyal fans.”