EPK – Polarity – Live Off The Floor at Jukasa Studio (2022)

EPK – Polarity – Live Off The Floor at Jukasa Studio (2022)

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“You never know how people are going to receive what you put out and honestly we try to take that out of the equation when writing. Bands get into trouble when they stop writing for themselves and start writing for others. That being said the three songs on this EP are very POLARITY. We have “Destruction Of Memory” our proggy 7-minute epic, “Terra Firma” which blends a bit of our softer side with some straight-up rock riffs, and then “Circle” our more technical metal/jazzy alternative song. I honestly think there are so many different types of POLARITY fans and with these three songs, there is something for everyone.” – Jasmine Virginia (Vocals)

For fans of Deftones, Chevelle, Thrice, Flyleaf, Incubus

Band: Polarity
EP Title: Live Off The Floor at Jukasa Studio
Release Date: August 26, 2022
Label: Self-Release

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“POLARITY comes out swinging with a sophisticated song (Destruction Of Memory) that attracts audiences who appreciate musical craftsmanship and cerebral ideas” – Canadian Beats

“Canadian metal band POLARITY puts on a technical sonic showcase filled with wailing guitars and complex drum patterns while conveying observations in a world where history continues to be determined by exploitative forces” – Maximum Volume Music

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Band: Polarity
EP Title: Live Off The Floor at Jukasa Studio
Release Date: August 26, 2022
Label: Self-Release

Track Listing:
1. Destruction of Memory
2. Terra Firma
3. Circle – 3:56
EP Length:

EP Recording Credits:
• Darren Magierowski and Jill Zimmermann of Jukasa Studio and Mike Filsinger for the live video recording
• All songs performed by: POLARITY
• All songs written by: POLARITY
• Produced by: POLARITY
• Mixed by: Darren Magierowski and Jill Zimmermann of Jukasa Studio
• Mastered by: Darren Magierowski and Jill Zimmermann of Jukasa Studio
• EP Artwork by: Jasmine Virginia of POLARITY
• Music is Canadian Content (MAPL)

EP Recording and Live Band Line Up:
Jasmine Virginia – Vocals
Sheldon Fernandes – Guitars
Michael Sitana – Guitars
Deren Bostanci – Bass
Julian Ryan Craig – Drums


The EP as a whole (LYRICALLY & MUSICALLY):

This release is three songs done at JUKASA Studio live off the floor. It’s unconventional to record music live off the floor nowadays and that’s why we wanted to do it. We wanted to capture our raw sound, no frills and we wanted to challenge our own chops. Destruction of Memory is what our friend and Grammy winning producer David Botrill calls ‘Cinematic Rock’ that takes you on a journey while telling a story. Terra Firma is more of our straight up ‘Rock Anthem’ on this release and then ‘Circle’ is more of our metal/jazzy song that showcases some great technicality from the guys with overlaid clean and screaming vocals. – Jasmine

Track by track (LYRICALLY & MUSICALLY):

Destruction of Memory is our seven-minute epic. It starts off with what some might consider a Middle Eastern vibe and draws you in before it kind of punches you in the face. It then takes you on an all-out heavy-hitting journey that asks you to question who writes the narrative and shapes the human story. Smack dab in the middle of the song takes a turn into a downtempo softer tribal beat, building until we get to the climax which results in an instrumental jam outro. A lot of fun to play live and seems to be doing well online. – Jasmine

Terra Firma is what I would describe as our straight-up Rock Anthem of the release. It showcases our diversity with what I would describe as a pretty intro and verses and then kicks into a straight-up rock anthem chorus. In the middle, you have a great breakdown and solo to break things up a little and then take us out to the heightened chorus. Lyrically this song asks the audience to question everything they have ever believed to be true. It also sheds some light on the fact we’re being fed so much fear that we’re living in these ‘Panic Stations’ and only the truth will aid us in setting our hearts and minds free. – Jasmine

Circle is about the circle and cycle of being stuck in a relationship that you just know isn’t for you which seems to be a huge part of the human condition. So many people I know and I’ve been in the situation before, where we feel we are trapped or stuck in a broken relationship. It’s a continuous circle of fighting and then making up but still knowing and feeling confused as to why you keep running this circle that is not working ….until it’s finally broken, if it ever is….? Musically we have the guys pulling off interesting almost jazzy and dissonant chords while playing interesting rhythms and then hard-hitting breakdowns. This is the first song where we’ve overlaid screaming with a clean vocal, which we’re loving so you’ll be hearing more of this type of thing coming from us in the future. – Jasmine



1)      Many years ago during POLARITY’s tour to the East Coast, the band experienced a hilarious incident in Fredericton NB. Jasmine and our ex-bassist Mike Smith at the time were both resting in the motel when the rest of the band decided to go out drinking. Our ex-guitarist Jason got really drunk and started dancing in the streets so we all followed him to make sure he was ok. Back at the motel parking lot, we were next to a lighthouse near the pier. Myself, Jason, and our buddy Mike who came on tour with us decided to climb into the lighthouse while our ex-drummer Eric was inside the tour van smoking a joint. Us 3 made it to the top of the lighthouse and were all enjoying the view until Eric started texting us in a panic. He kept texting saying “GET THE F*** DOWN AND RUN” and then tried calling us a few times but we didn’t hear him. Suddenly numerous flashlights surrounded the bottom of the lighthouse and yelled at us to all get down. Of course, it was the Fredericton POLICE… L They all asked us for our IDs and questioned us about what we were doing. Turns out they were very nice officers and told us never to climb the lighthouse ever again. Sigh of relief we all went back to the motel and found out Eric was hiding inside the van at the time from the police since marijuana was illegal at the time. He then bolted from the van to warn Jasmine and Mike Smith fearing that the 2 POLARITY guitarists might have been arrested! Everything was ok and this became a memorable story afterward. The next day, the exact same police officers passed by us in front of the venue we were playing at. They asked us jokingly “So you guys planning on climbing any more lighthouses tonight?” 🙂

2)      On the same East Coast tour during a day off we were all invited along to play an impromptu house party. We accepted the invitation and it ended up being a mini medieval pig roast in the backyard. We all played and had so much fun except that our bassist and guitarist both fell sick (maybe exhaustion, dehydration, food poisoning, etc can’t remember) and started throwing up after the set. Still, a very fun moment that we’ll never forget!

3)      Another fun fact about our band is the numerous stages of band members we’ve had and the musical chairs we had between 3 former members. At one point we had Jason Swait as a guitarist and Matthew Hamilton as a bassist. When Jason left the band, Matt decided to take his place as a guitarist since he’s first and foremost a guitar player. He only played bass for us temporarily to replace Mike Smith the original bassist when he departed. Then we got our close friend Adrian DeSousa to come on bass and he himself is a guitarist that played bass occasionally. Then one night when we opened for New Year’s Day in Toronto Matt was unable to play so we got Adrian (who left the band at that time for personal reasons) to hop on guitar for this one show for us and our current bassist Deren Bostanci had just joined the band as full-time bassist. Confused yet? So were we 🙂


L-R – Julian Ryan Craig (Drums) | Deren Bostanci (Bass) | Jasmine Virginia (Vocals) | Sheldon Fernandes (Guitar) | Michael Sitana (Guitar)
Photo Credit – Michael Crusty

POLARITY’s style of alternative rock is quickly filling up Canadian venues and finding their merch being ordered and shipped out across the world. With their most recent release, the band wanted to capture the raw POLARITY experience so they recorded the songs live off the floor at Jukasa Studio and the result is sonic waves that are real, raw, and in the moment. “We’ve never done anything conventionally so recording these new songs live off the floor is something that really allows us to invite our listeners into songs created completely organically and authentically.  We wanted to capture raw music and invite our listeners to hear what you’ll hear if you come to a show, just five humans making music in the moment.” Says vocalist Jasmine Virginia.

POLARITY is not an average independent band, they’ve thrived being DIY for over a decade playing hundreds of Canadian shows to growing audiences looking for a unique and soulful sonic experience. Since their formation in 2008 the band’s list of accomplishments includes four studio albums, working with grammy winning producers including David Bottrill and Joao Carvalho, Juno-winning producers Darren Magierowski and Jill Zimmermann, Canadian radio play on mainstream rock radio including Rebel 101.7, 97.7HTZ FM & 94.9The Rock FM & a youtube channel showing over half a million views and a growing worldwide audience. 

Their music takes you on an emotional rollercoaster ride where the landscape of sounds shifts from harsh and aggressive to transcendental and ethereal in seamless seconds all while the vocals ooze with soul and range from vulnerable and honest to powerful and in demand. The band recently underwent some member changes and welcomed guitarist Sheldon Fernades to the mix whose technical improvisational style easily fits into the band’s unconventional sounds ‘I’m a big fan of small moments that make a big impact in songs. I was drawn to the fact that POLARITY has a lot of ear candy in their music that makes the listener question what exactly happened and wants to go back and figure it out” says Sheldon. As for what genre of music the band considers themselves? ’POLARITY isn’t for one genre, or one scene, POLARITY is for everyone.’ Says bassist Deren Bostanci. 

With a decade of musical friendship behind them, the band is ready to continue its ascent into the realm of well-known Canadian bands and expand its international audience.  ‘Our goal has always been to make music that makes a positive impact on the universal ether and it’s what has kept us creating for over a decade …and we have no plans of stopping anytime soon’ says guitarist Michael Sitana.

Polarity is:
Julian Ryan Craig (Drums)
Deren Bostanci (Bass)
Jasmine Virginia (Vocals)
Sheldon Fernandes (Guitar)
Michael Sitana (Guitar)

2008 – Self Titled
2010 – Treeman EP
2016 – Action Potential
2019 – Trilateral EP
2022 – Live Off The Floor at Jukasa Studio

Shared Stage with:
Tours and Festivals:
2019 – ROCK THE COLUSEUM – Mississauga
2017 – NXNE – Toronto
2017 – LOCKDOWN FEST – Etobicoke
2018 – CANADIAN MUSIC WEEK – Toronto
2016 – KOI FEST – Kitchener
2010 – LOWKEY FEST – Milton