1h 36min | Horror | Rated R | 11 June 1969

Vincent Price returns to his English manor from Africa with his mad, mutilated brother whom he keeps chained upstairs. Price buries his brother alive, glad to be rid of him, but the body is dug up by a local physician and the brother, still alive, begins a systematic search for vengeance.

Director: Gordon Hessler
Writers: Edgar Allen Poe (Short Story), Lawrence Huntington, Christopher Wicking
Starring: Vincent Price, Alister Williamson, Christopher Lee

Cast & Crew: Vincent Price, Christopher Lee, Rupert Davies, Uta Levka, Sally Geeson, Alister Williamson, Peter Arne, Hilary Heath, Maxwell Shaw, Carl Rigg, Harry Baird, Godfrey James, James Mellor, John Barrie, Ivor Dean, Danny Daniels, Michael Balfour, Hira Talfrey, John Wentworth, Betty Woolfe, Martin Terry, Anne Clune, Jackie Noble, Ann Barrass, Jan Rossini, Zeph Gladstone, Tara Fernando, Tony Thawnton, Anthony Bailey, Richard Cornish, Colin Jeavons, Andreas Malandrinos, Hedger Wallace, Martin Wyldeck, Oh! Ogunde Dancers

THE OBLONG BOX | Official Trailer:

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