Pat “the Panther” Reilly Premieres Playthrough Video for ERAMNESIA’s “Alone Under the Neon Lights”

Pat “the Panther” Reilly Premieres Playthrough Video for ERAMNESIA’s “Alone Under the Neon Lights”

photo credit: Cristian Buitron

Pat “the Panther” Reilly of ERAMNESIA

Premieres Playthrough Video for

“Alone Under Neon Lights”

at Ultimate Guitar Today

Watch Pat Reilly’s playthrough video for “Alone Under the Neon Lights”

at Ultimate Guitar here:

UG Exclusive Premiere: Pat ‘The Panther’ Reilly of Eramnesia Shares Playthrough Video for ‘Alone Under Neon Lights’ | Music News @ Ultimate-Guitar.Com

Pat Reilly AKA “Pat the Panther” is an international touring guitarist, session guitarist, and songwriter. Born and raised in Queens New York, Pat started playing guitar at the age of 16, drawing influence from renowned guitarists such as Marty Friedman (ex Megadeth), Dimebag Darrell (Pantera), and David Gilmour (Pink Floyd) to name a few. Although Pat’s musical passions lie in the metal genre, his songwriting is quite diverse, ranging from classically composed intros to full-fledged groove-based metal compositions. Many listeners may consider Pat Reilly a “shredder” but he shies from the term as he prides himself on the emotional element of songwriting and guitar playing, not so much on being purposely technical. Pat’s songwriting philosophy is “Write for the song not for the ego”. On the touring side of music, Pat’s experience is fairly extensive. He has toured with bands such as Tengger Cavalry, Through the Discipline, Vajra, Fellahin Fall and progressive metal band Awaken, playing several hundred shows throughout the United States, Canada, Europe, and most notably performing at New York City’s prestigious Carnegie Hall. As a solo artist, Pat has numerous instrumental tracks, One full length album Path to Transcendence and in December of 2021 released a single titled “The Chase” in collaboration with Evergrey’s Tom S. Englund. In 2022, Pat partnered with vocalist Aimee Zambrana to form Eramnesia.

Pat Reilly and Aimee Zambrana share, “Eramnesia merges influences from the past with inspiration from the supposed future. ‘Alone Under Neon Lights’ has a ‘classic’ rock sound reminiscent of bands such as Pink Floyd, but updated with modern elements. We hope this fusion of sounds will not only make our music feel current, but even futuristic at times. Eramnesia aims to create music that evokes the feeling of being in a alternate time altogether, and each song will achieve that in a different way.”

Watch “Alone Under the Neon Lights”

Pat Reilly states, “We knew the vibe we wanted to create with this video; Dark, retro, and atmospheric with twist of sexiness. Director Eric Taylor Parker did an amazing job not only shooting with that idea in mind, but also in the editing of the video. Shout out to my wife Karen for being that twist of sexiness, this video shoot was truly a great time!”

Aimee Zambrana adds “I had a lot of nerves leading up to our first shoot, but filming was a blast. Eric implemented the retro-meets-futuristic feeling we were looking for, and the gorgeous Karen acted as a personification of the song’s theme of forbidden desires. The video is our official introduction as Eramnesia, so I know it will have a special place in my heart for years to come.”

cover art Giannis Nakos of @remedyartdesign

“Alone Under the Neon Lights” (released January 27, 2023)

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About ERAMNESIA (written by Michael Centrone, Music Journalist)

The eternal battle of darkness versus light requires a musical medium, and Eramnesia are valiantly answering the call. Comprised of two dynamic solo artists–guitarist Patrick Reilly (Tengger Cavalry, Fellahin Fall) and vocalist Aimee Zambrana (formerly gone by the Van Roxanne moniker)–this newly-formed synth rock duo is channeling emotions from the spiritual battlefield, fiercely holding the line by composing ultra poetic hymns.

Eramnesia’s first single “Alone Under Neon Lights,” showcases Zambrana’s seductive and haunting vocal delivery borne of church choir beginnings and Celtic influences. Her introspective lyrical themes rattle the psyche. Reilly taps his instrumental mastermind and gives the track a dark, retro ambience along with fiery guitar leads. He’s fresh off collaborating with Tom S. Englund (vocalist/guitarist of Evergrey), so he’s no stranger to laying down a vivacious foundation for a passionate voice.

A major goal of their budding project is to share a deep, cathartic experience with listeners, unifying souls under neon lights. In the early stages, their sound is comparable to highly touted acts such as Aviators, Evanescence, and the aforementioned Evergrey. And with their prime members being exceptionally seasoned and intuitive, Eramnesia holds much promise of creating a plethora of visceral sermons.