Out Now! USA’s Grungy Rock N Rollers NEVER ELECTED Have Just Re-Released “Turbulent”

Out Now! USA’s Grungy Rock N Rollers NEVER ELECTED Have Just Re-Released “Turbulent”


Montreal, QC – April 19, 2024

Out Now! USA’s Grungy Rock N Rollers NEVER ELECTED Have Just Re-Released “Turbulent”

L-R – Dr. T – Bass, Wesley Meyer- Drums, Sujit Kumar- Vocals, Altan Aydin – Guitar

Photo Credit – Rahul Mukerji

Never Elected is one of Washington DC, USA’s most energetic and electrifying rock n roll acts and they are re-releasing their album “Turbulent”, available now. The inspiration for Never Elected‘s music comes from a wide range of sources, from personal experiences to the world around them and they are inspired by 80s and 90s grunge. In these turbulent times, the band finds it hard not to be inspired to write and create music that resonates with the challenges and triumphs of the present moment. They comment on the album:

“The album is a deep reflection of the turbulent times of our vocalist’s life. From the reactions that we have seen out of playing these songs live, they’ve ranged from completely rocking out to people being in tears after. The artwork is in 3 layers where you see a child, an angry screaming man, and then also what looks like an AI-generated self just looking back at the two, devoid of any feeling or emotion.”

The creative process for Never Elected is an open and collaborative one. Ranging from jam sessions to individual contributions, the band crafts their music with a unique blend of influences. Whether it’s a riff from Altan, a bassline from Dr. T, or a melody from Sujit, each member plays a crucial role in shaping the direction of their songs. The result is a dynamic and unpredictable sound that keeps audiences on their toes during live performances.

In support of this release, the band will be touring and it’s a mixed bag of what to expect. According to the band, every gig is different. From beer being poured over the head or hugs all over. Sometimes the whole crowd chants in a meditative way and then ends up with the vocalists hanging from the rafters. No guarantees on what to expect, you’ll just have to check them out. Those with an interest in Foo Fighters, Alice In Chains, and Guns N’ Roses should keep these guys on their radar.

“Turbulent” is now available as of April 19th, 2024 at https://neverelected.bandcamp.com, Spotify


Music Video – All My Life – https://youtu.be/YV9G-hdQy0s


Music Video – One Of These Days – https://youtu.be/AXMi4dRlLM4


Track Listing:​
1 – All Rise – 4:56
2 – Hate Breeds Hate – 4:20
3 – It’s Over – 4:06
4 – So Damn Easy – 5:04
5 – Time – 3:55
6 – Stab Me – 3:41
7 – Voice Inside – 5:09
8 – Tolerance Broken – 4:26
9 – All My Life – 2:15
10 – Death Complaint – 5:56
11 – One Of These Days – 4:00
Album Length: 47:52

Never Elected is:
Sujit Kumar – Vocals
Altan Aydin- Guitars
Dr T – Bass
Wesley Meyer – Drums

More info: NeverElected.com​


“Washington D.C.’s Never Elected are bringing back some of the best elements of the ’90s, including the long hair. Fusing the socio-political consciousness of Rage Against the Machine, Living Colour’s furious bass-riffs, and the Foo Fighters’ driving guitars, the band is an in-your-face grunge-revival explosion.” – New Noise Magazine

“It’s really about time that you “Wake Up” and start paying attention to the world around you, including the hard rockers known as Never Elected. The band has just released a visually-stimulating music video to accompany their recent single, a revved-up, riff-driven sonic assault that has been the band’s most successful track since its November 2019 release. “Wake Up” is a preview of what’s to come on the group’s next record which they have been hard at work on this year and are on the verge of completing. If it wasn’t already evident by its title and socio-politically themed lyrics, the hard-hitting music video for “Wake Up” illustrates the fact that the band is out to convey a serious message.” – V13

“After releasing the thought-provoking and socio-politically themed video for their song “Wake Up” last year, Washington, DC’s Never Elected is back with a new video for their song “Where You Belong”. The video touches on yet another serious topic. This time dealing with the struggles of mental health, a topic that is taboo to discuss openly in many cultures.” – All About The Rock

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