Ol’ Rattlebones: Rise Chapter 1

Track Listing:

1. Again

2. Road From Nowhere

3. Remember

4. The Fire

Taunton, MA based rock band Ol’ Rattlebones releases the first part of 3 EPs titled Rise Chapter 1. Rise is a collection of thirteen songs written during the height of the pandemic. The first four songs are on Chapter 1. Chris Edmond is on vocals and rhythm guitar. Michael White is lead guitar.

The first song “Again”showcases old school vocals with fuzzy guitars, thrumming bass line and a steady drumbeat. The folowing track “Road from Nowhere” begins with a drum solo before transitioning into rocking guitars and strong vocals. “The Fire” closed out the EP with a slower pace leading up to a faster paced searing vocals.

The group embraces the hard rock influences on 1960s/1970s such as Black Sabbath and T. Rex. This EP is an exciting notion of what is to come from this band.

Official Website: olrattlebones.com
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