NOTHING MORE and ASKING ALEXANDRIA Live at Southside Ballroom in Dallas, Texas

Nothing More and Asking Alexandria, along with Atreyu and Eva Under Fire, brought their co-headlining tour to the Southside Ballroom in Dallas Texas.

Sadly I wasn’t able to catch Eva Under Fire and only caught the last song from Atreyu. I’ve always been a fan of Atreyu and just seeing that final song was pretty cool for me. It’s one of my favorites by them so that was nice.

Next up was the UK powerhouses in Asking Alexandria. I have been a huge fan since day 1 and was so excited to cover them again. I missed them when they came through last time so I had to make sure to catch this one. The lights went down and Benjamin Bruce (Lead Guitarist) walked out on stage and started playing. Followed by Bassist, Sam Bettley and Guitarist Cameron Liddell. The 3 continue to play with Drummer James Cassells following as Vocalist Danny Warsnop takes the stage and starts singing their opening song “Alone Again”. After the first song Danny talked to the crowd and asked if there was any Old School fans in the house as the broke into “The Final Episode (Let’s Change The Channel)”. Asking Alexandria may have matured as musicians but they can still kill all their old school songs as well. Their setlist was a nice mix of their catalogue.

During “The Violence” someone got hurt during the song and they stopped the show until that person was taken care of. They had a bit of banter about it. Saying it was pretty ironic that happened during a song about violence. They played a nice 15 song setlist and delivered on every front. These guys are some of the best musicians out there and they really put it out there every show I’ve seen them do. I hope to catch them again soon.

Nothing More, consisting of vocalist Jonny Hawkins, Guitarist Mark Vollelunga, Bassist Daniel Oliver and Drummer Ben Anderson. The band offers concert goers a visual and audio experience that rivals their peers, combining elements of progressive, trippy, heavy, and modern metal. Jonny Hawkins charismatic performance brought inspired energy and thought provoking lyrics to the packed Southside Ballroom. Coming out as hot as you possibly can with “Turn It Up Like (Stand in the Fire)” They really didn’t hold back. Jonny is someone you can’t take your eyes off of when he is up on that stage. Wild is an understatement. I’m not sure what the contraption he has on stage is officially called but when he gets on that thing it is just amazing to watch. If you haven’t seen Nothing More live you need to get out to a show NOW! They do not disappoint.