New Music Review: TORCH ‘Live Fire’

TORCH 'Live Fire' - Cover Photo

Rating: 9 / 10 Stars

Rating: 9 out of 10.

TORCH is: Dan Dark (vocals), Chris J First (guitar), Håkky (guitar), Ian Greg (bass), Steve Streaker (drums)

REVIEW – ‘Live Fire’, which was captured during Sweden Rock Festival 2018, showcases the Swedish metal giants in great form.

TORCH returned to the stage with a bang, and the enthusiastic reception they received from the crowd inspired them to go all out. The performance was recorded, but the band was busy working on their highly anticipated return album, ‘Reignited’, so it was put on hold for the time being.

TORCH had extra time on their hands due to the pandemic, so they opted to concentrate harder on the recordings of the festival. The band chose to release the performance as a live album since the musicians were overwhelmed by the pure energy of the show. Grammy-nominated producer Jacob Hansen was called in for mixing and mastering once again.

A live version of “Feed the Flame,” which was subsequently included in the studio version on ‘Reignited’, is featured on ‘Live Fire.’

TORCH open ‘Live Fire’ with the fist-pumping, guitar-shredding opener “Beauty & The Beast,” which is guaranteed to have the audience up and rocking. “Mercenary,” the second track, jams with blazing leads, hammering drums, thumping bass, chugging rhythms, and forceful vocals. “Feed The Flame,” the following track, is a catchy track that will have you fist pumping and yelling. The next tune, “Battle Axe,” comprises screams, booming percussion, thumping bass, and incredible voices that completely d the heavens. “Sweet Desire,” the following tune, is a foot-stomping, fist-pumping number that will get the crowd moving to the beat.

The following song, “Electrikiss,” will have fans grabbing their air guitars and riffing out as they sing, yell, and simply let go. “Thunderstruck,” the following song, is pure rapid hard heavy metal bliss. The next tune, “Watcher Of The Night,” has shredding guitars with scorching leads and soaring vocals, as well as thunderous drums and thumping bass that establish the groundwork… just try to hold on for dear life! “Warlock,” the album’s closing track, is a head-banging, fist-pumping monster with searing leads that send shivers down your spine.

TORCH sets of a booming explosion with ‘Live Fire’. This is the way heavy metal should be: raw, aggressive, powerful, and energizing.

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