New Music Review: BLOODBOUND ‘Rise Of The Dragon Empire’

BLOODBOUND 'Rise of the Dragon Empire' - Cover Photo

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REVIEW – Rise Of The Dragon Empire majestic metal that grabd your very soul from the start and has your foot tapping and singing along. Slayer Of Kings close your eyes and take a trip back in time to magic and kings and queens. Skyriders And Stormbringers great sing along vocals thumping bass ethereal keyboards solid rhythms and screaming guitars. Magical Eye the music builds all around you as it envelops you with power and takes your imagination away to strange and different time. Blackwater Bay stand up at attention sing along and clap as the music envelopes you. Giants of Heaven fist pump head bang foot stomp and just get totally involved in this amazing musical journey. The Warlocks Trail take a trip back in time to the medieval period and just imagine all that was done in that era. A Blessing In Sorcery mystery and magic surround you with a catchy rhythm and amazing musicianship. Breaking the Beast fist in the air foot stomping sing along metal magic. Balerion speed prog metal that just takes you on an amazing musical ride. Reign Of Fire powerful majestic music that fill you with wonder.

BLOODBOUND is: Patrik J Selleby – Vocals, Tomas Olsson – Guitar, Henrik Olsson – Guitar, Anders Broman – Bass, Fredrik Bergh – Keyboards, Daniel Sjogren – Drums