New Music Review: LACUNA COIL ‘Delirium’

LACUNA COIL 'Delirium' - Cover Photo

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REVIEW – If people thought LACUNA COIL was going to play it safe this time around, my god they must have been reading what the fans that were questioning the band in the last few albums were saying. Delirium seems like a very daring and bold step forward. I am thinking the break away from the scene got them passionate and wanting to prove a point. This is by far the heaviest record of the band at least since elements of Karmacode. It seems that LACUNA COIL are no longer content being that goth poppy band that have catchy melodies. Opening track “ The House of Shame” is the biggest shock this year in any kind of genre of music. I am not sure what this is the start of, but even the most die hard haters of this band would not believe that they would have the guts to come out of the gates with their feet on the gas. This is not extreme or death metal, but I feel it is intense metal. Andrea’s vocals are aggressive. You have Christina still giving her commanding vocal performance with that angelic and majestic tone. There is just something that is in the air, and as this album goes on, it seems the band just keeps it going.

This album can be compared to WARRANT going from Cherry Pie to Dog Eat Dog. To hear Andrea go in the vein of other goth performers with the growling and screams were confusing at first, but I grew to like them by albums end. To say this is LACUNA COIL’s best work in a while is not a fair statement. I feel this is the first time in awhile they came from the heart instead of trying to make a studio happy. This record really opens up the notion since LACUNA COIL are going this direction with bands like Epica be changing direction to go into what LACUNA COIL has been in? If you gave up on LACUNA COIL, you need to get back on the bus. This record from start to end is quite the statement and quite the awesome experience. I really want to see them pull this album off live and mix it with their past work. I just do not see the bridge yet of how they all can work together, but if someone can do it, I feel they are the ones. Very recommended album.

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