MUDDFEST 2019 Live at House of Blues

On August 29th in Dallas, Texas at the famous House of Blues. Muddfest 2019 came through. This line-up was so nostalgic. Headlining was Puddle of Mudd. Supporting PoM was Saliva, Trapt, Rehab and Tantric. Just hearing that line-up took me back to the early 2000’s and I was so happy with it. 

Opening the show was Tantric. Sadly I wasn’t able to get any photos of the guys. There was an issue with the photo passes during their set but I did manage to catch the last song and I am hoping these guys come back through soon. They sounded great. 

Next up was a band I personally hadn’t heard of, REHAB. I was very surprised by their sound. It’s a mix of southern hip hop/rap metal. I have to say that I dug the sound. I would be very interested in hearing more from them.

Next came Saliva. The Tennessee boys were absolutely amazing! I personally had forgot that Bobby Amary took over on vocals but his performance was powerful and exciting enough to make you forget former vocalist Josey Scott. Joined on stage by lone original member Wayne Swinny on lead guitar, Damien Starkey on bass and Tosha Jones on drums, They didn’t a very long set, but it started off with “Ladies and Gentleman” and ended with “Click Click Boom” and “Your Disease”, with “Superstar”, “Survival Of The Sickest” and “Always” in the middle. The crowd was almost louder than the band on “Click Click Boom”.

After Saliva’s great performance, California band Trapt had some big shoes to fill. Fronted by original member Chris Taylor Brown, they started off with “Still Frame” from their debut self titled album followed by “Who’s Going Home With You Tonight?”. Of course, they ended their set with their biggest hit “Headstrong”. I didn’t realize how many songs Trapt had that I actually really like. As their set went on I found myself singing along to almost every single song. 

Puddle Of Mudd followed opening with a mash-up of their hit song “Control”. Then they broke out Black Sabbath’s “War Pigs”. No slowing down, just a hard hitting rock song one after another. The bands only remaining founding member Wes Scantlin made everyone forget some troubles he had a few years back and gave us a solid performance on guitar and vocals. The show was loud and led up to the breathtaking finale which started of with “She Hates Me,” “Blurry,” “Spaceship,” then ended with a rockin’ cover of AC/DC hit song “T.N.T.”.

After this great musical event tonight, it’s safe to say these bands will keep getting together for quite a few more Muddfest tours