Montreal’s DERELICT Embrace Inclusivity With Single For “Spectrum” Off New Album “Versus Entropy” Out End of June 2024

Montreal’s DERELICT Embrace Inclusivity With Single For “Spectrum” Off New Album “Versus Entropy” Out End of June 2024


Montreal, QC – June 4, 2024

DERELICT Embrace Inclusivity With Single For “Spectrum” Off New Album “Versus Entropy” Out End of June 2024

L-R РEric Burnet РVocals, Guitar, Max Lussier РGuitar, Vocals, S̩bastien Pittet РBass, Tommy McKinnon РDrums

Montreal, Canada’s Derelict, the brutal melodic technical death metal band known for their intense musicality and thought-provoking themes, is back with their next single “Spectrum” off their upcoming album “Versus Entropy”. This track marks a significant stylistic departure for the band, blending their signature death metal sound with southern metal and blues influences. The band shares their thoughts on the track:

“This is a call of allegiance to anyone who has been made to feel lesser than because of the expression of their identity, gender, sexuality, or personality in general. Nobody gets to tell you how to be, and we’ll stand for that. How you treat others is the determination of your worth.”

The band continues to explain that Southern metal often has this tough guy vibe about it, and although they enjoy a lot of that stuff, that’s not the kind of feeling or message they have ever wanted to convey themselves as artists. So they came up with the idea of writing a song about the acceptance of alternative masculinities, essentially a celebration of the different kinds of men that exist and how it’s OK to just be who you are.

The track showcases the collaborative songwriting approach of Eric Burnet and guitarist Max Lussier, who together created a song that merges southern swagger with Derelict‘s trademark brutality. It is recommended for fans of Allegeon, Decapitated, and Death.

Listen to “Spectrum” via its premiere on NoCleanSinging HERE.

Due out on June 21st, 2024, the album “Versus Entropy” is available for pre-order –​

Previous Single / Title Track – “Versus Entropy” –​

(Album Artwork by Cate Francis)

Track Listing:​
1. Versus Entropy – (4:32)
2. Infinite Dread – (4:23)
3. Terminal – (4:02)
4. Workhorse – (3:00)
5. Attunement – (5:05)
6. Dans les Dents – (2:23)
7. Spectrum – (3:59)
8. Derelict – (4:11)
9. The Escapist – (4:15)
Album Length 35:50

More info: | | | Spotify​


“The new record is nine tracks long and takes on many themes about the diverse and complex human experience, all while showcasing how ripping and heavy their riffs can be. This song (Verus Entorpy_ is a great first foray into the heavy and nuanced layers they will bring with this release.” – Decibel Magazine

“the band signals their return with the launch of “Clear Cut”. Mixing lightning-quick technical death metal with progressive death metal, impressive audible bass playing, numerous heavy nasty groove excursions, and thrashy gallop-centric sounding riffs all of which coalesce together smoothly into a concise song often bordering on damn near catchy. It’s a bit hard for me to compare the band’s sound to anyone else specifically but suffice to say Derelict has always had a diverse take on technical death metal. In particular, I’m still a huge fan of their second album, Unspoken Words from 2009 as well as their third album, Perpetuation which dropped in 2012.” – Metal Injection – 2022 single Clear Cut

“Perpetuation is the band’s third full-length, and it shows Derelict with an impressive degree of confidence, their LAMB OF GOD-meets-technical-death-metal sound coming through loud and clear, the production bashing and crashing and bringing all the sounds home just right.” – Bravewords – 2012 – Perpetuation

‘Words like “blistering” and “unstoppable” get banded about in press releases for albums all the time, but for Derelict they actually apply, as these twelve tracks are relentless in their dedication to being aggressively heavy at breakneck speeds.’ – Metal Underground, reviewing Perpetuation (2012)

‘In their newest work, DERELICT proves their capabilities as musical masters while maintaining the sheer brutality that is the epitome of all things Death Metal.’ – Metal Temple, reviewing Perpetuation (2012)

‘Perpetuation is a damn solid release and this band is showing they are only getting better.’ – Sea of Tranquility, reviewing Perpetuation (2012)

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