Gothenburg Politicos/Post-Metal Rockers OROCHEN Return with Debut Album on SUICIDE RECORDS

Anthropogenic by Orochen will be released this December

Taking their name from an ethnic minority group indigenous to Northern China, Orochen are more than just a band, they are a political collective harnessing the power of music as a means to a just and right end.

Chiefly preoccupied with the way societies and environments across the world are harvested en masse as economic resources, the Gothenburg post-metal quartet have consistently set out to investigate the conflicts of living a modern life, trapped inside a fiercely capitalist system.

Since the release of their critically acclaimed Thylacine EP last year, the band has locked themselves away to work on new material for their debut long player, Anthropogenic, which will receive an official release this December.

“We’re truly honoured that Orochen wants to continue their journey with us,” explains Roger Andersson, co-conspirator and CEO of fellow Gothenburg institution, Suicide Records. “With their last EP they really showed everyone that they are a force to be reckoned with, and a dark one at that.”

Promising a return to the dark overtures, tribal post-metal, and dense and difficult apocalyptic vistas of their previous release, the band is also joining forces with a team of renowned photographers and artists to help embolden their message further. As vocalist Jonas Mattsson is eager to point out, “Compared to Thylacine the songs will be darker, and delve even deeper into our thoughts of the world. We are really proud of what we’ve come up with and excited to embark on yet another exciting journey with Suicide Records.”

“Orochen are a special breed for whom genre classifications feel inadequate […] With three creative, exciting EPs under their belt, there’s no question that they’re ready to put out a full-length. When they do, it will be well worth checking out.”

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