Exclusive Interview: MIKAYLA IVERSON on Embodying Tech’s Isolation and Empowerment in ‘CRYPTO SHADOWS’


Stepping into the enigmatic world of CRYPTO SHADOWS, we’re privileged to converse with MIKAYLA IVERSON, the talented actress who brings the character of Cara to life with captivating authenticity. Mikayla’s portrayal offers a compelling glimpse into the intersection of technology, isolation, and empowerment, echoing the sentiments of our recent review that hailed her performance as a beacon of resilience amidst the digital tumult. As we delve into the depths of her character’s journey and the intricacies of her craft, Mikayla’s insights promise to unravel the layers of complexity within this thought-provoking narrative.

Amidst the backdrop of a society consumed by the allure of digital progress, Mikayla’s portrayal of Cara serves as a poignant reminder of the human psyche’s resilience in the face of technological upheaval. Her ability to navigate the nuances of isolation and empowerment within the digital realm adds depth to the film’s exploration of contemporary themes. Through our conversation, we anticipate gaining valuable insights into Mikayla’s approach to character development, the challenges she encountered, and the emotional depth she brought to her performance in CRYPTO SHADOWS.

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INFRARED MAG: Mikayla, stepping into the world of Crypto Shadows,” how did you first connect with your character, and what aspects of her did you find most compelling?

MIKAYLA IVERSON: I really loved diving into this empowering role of women in tech! I could really relate with her need/want for a reset in nature.

INFRARED MAG: Can you share some insights into your preparation process for bringing such a complex character to life in “Crypto Shadows”?

MIKAYLA IVERSON: I think just putting my mind into a place where I could tell her story of isolation honestly was the biggest/most important thing. Preparing to let myself feel completely alone in those moments was very important.

INFRARED MAG: “Crypto Shadows” blends various themes and genres. How did you navigate these elements to maintain a consistent portrayal of your character?

MIKAYLA IVERSON: Honestly, telling the characters story in an authentic way is ultimately what is most important to me. I try not to worry too much about genre or themes. Authentically living in the character is always my go to no matter the genre.

INFRARED MAG: Working under James Fox’s direction, how did his filmmaking style influence your performance in the movie?

MIKAYLA IVERSON: The whole set had a really collaborative feel where we all felt comfortable enough that we could try different things with each scene, so I felt that really helped bring out my best performance.

INFRARED MAG: The emotional depth of “Crypto Shadows” is significant. How did you tap into your own emotions to authentically convey your character’s journey?

MIKAYLA IVERSON: We have all had moments in our lives where we feel especially vulnerable and at our lowest low. I tried to take the real emotion from that and just remember how that felt in my mind and body and did my best to let that come out in an authentic way.

INFRARED MAG: Given the film’s exploration of digital age anxieties and cryptocurrency themes, what challenges did you face in making these concepts relatable through your character?

MIKAYLA IVERSON: Taking the real crypto dialogue and making it sound natural was a toughie. Using the lingo in a natural way was a big part in trying to help the audience know what I was saying without them having previous knowledge of crypto.

INFRARED MAG: How did you and the rest of the cast work together to create the dynamic and chemistry seen on screen in “Crypto Shadows”?

MIKAYLA IVERSON: To feed into the isolation that Cara experiences in the film I actually didn’t have a lot of actual interaction with other characters. I am very close with Charla Bocchicchio who plays my mother so that natural dynamic has always just been there. She has played my mother several times actually and is an absolutely amazing actress and talent.

INFRARED MAG: The visual style and aesthetic of “Crypto Shadows” are quite distinctive. How did this influence your performance and the way you approached your role?

MIKAYLA IVERSON: I think being in nature for so much of the film really fed my soul during filming. For how isolated Cara is, nature feeds her and carries her, and I really felt that for myself on set as well. It’s also so visually stunning to see the contrast between all the tech and nature.

INFRARED MAG: Can you discuss a particularly memorable moment for you during the filming of “Crypto Shadows”?

MIKAYLA IVERSON: Walking down into the fridge was a very distinctive memory for me ha-ha. It was just a small hole down there- and honestly, I was terrified lol. I also was on the brink of losing my grandma, so the moments of Cara’s grandfather were especially memorable. My grandmother passed just a few days after filming.

INFRARED MAG: How did your understanding or perspective of cryptocurrency and its impact change after working on “Crypto Shadows”?

MIKAYLA IVERSON: After filming I realized just how massive crypto is and how hard it is to truly wrap your brain around it. It’s so intricate and complicated and it was so fun diving into that foreign world for this.

INFRARED MAG: In what ways do you think “Crypto Shadows” pushes the envelope in terms of storytelling and cinematic experiences?

MIKAYLA IVERSON: People aren’t used to seeing an entire action film with a female protagonist about mental health and tech. That pushes the envelope quite a bit, but I love it.

INFRARED MAG: Reflecting on your work in “Crypto Shadows,” how do you feel this role has contributed to your growth as an actress?

MIKAYLA IVERSON: I really got to dive deep into some complex emotions on this film and didn’t have many other actors to play off of, so I think really relying on the story was a huge growing point for me. I also really learned to appreciate getting to have a scene partner and had to learn how to dig into that space without another character feeding into it and that was extremely valuable to me.

INFRARED MAG: Finally, after immersing yourself in the unique narrative of “Crypto Shadows,” are there any new genres or themes you’re eager to explore in future projects?

MIKAYLA IVERSON: Oh, I am I so excited to try new, uncharted genres for me. I think suspense is so fun, sci-fi is such a blast but getting to combine them was a real treat. I also got a little bit of action in there which I look forward to getting to do more!

As we bid farewell to our conversation with MIKAYLA IVERSON, we’re left with a profound appreciation for her dedication to her craft and the depth she brings to her characters. Her portrayal of Cara in CRYPTO SHADOWS stands as a testament to her versatility as an actress and her commitment to embodying complex narratives with authenticity and grace. As Mikayla continues to grace the screen with her talent, we eagerly anticipate witnessing her growth and the captivating stories she’ll bring to life in future projects.

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