DVNE: Voidkind Full-Length From Scottish Progressive Post-Metal Collective Out Today On Metal Blade Records

DVNE: Voidkind Full-Length From Scottish Progressive Post-Metal Collective Out Today On Metal Blade Records

Photo by Alan Swan

Preview/purchase DVNE’s Voidkind HERE.

Scottish progressive post-metal artisans DVNE unveil their epic, critically-adored new full-length, Voidkind, out today on Metal Blade Records.

Forged in Edinburgh in 2013 by Frenchman Victor Vicart and native Scot Dudley Tait, DVNE have been building a powerful head of steam since their second album, 2021’s kaleidoscopically mesmerizing Etemen Ænka, their first release for the legendary Metal Blade Records label, and a concerted hike up the greasy pole for this enigmatic outfit. The record ultimately enabled DVNE to embark on UK and European headlining tours and win spots at such discerning festivals as Hellfest, ArcTanGent, Desertfest, Damnation, and Resurrection. A live EP of reimagined album tunes, 2022’s Cycles Of Asphodel, kept up their profile while satiating demand from a rapidly mushrooming fanbase, and now in 2024, stunning third album Voidkind looks set to propel this expanded five-piece line-up (welcoming Maxime Keller on keyboards) to the top of their game.

The songs on Voidkind are more pointed, direct, and memorable, yet the soundscapes retain the radiant, evolving, and hypnotic flow, the effect achieved with fewer layers of sonic ornamentation, consciously urging closer to DVNE’s incendiary live sound. Thematically, Voidkind carries on with the band’s narrative which traces a religious group through the generation line from the beginning to its end while the record’s stunning artwork depicts the main motif of this chapter, namely, “a godlike entity seducing and luring followers through their dreams and these followers’ multigenerational journey to reach their god dimension.”

Stream DVNE’s Voidkind HERE.

Watch DVNE’s previously released video for “Plerõma” at THIS LOCATION.

Voidkind was recorded between September and November 2023 in Edinburgh at Craigiehall Temple and Byres Farm in Scotland and features the stunning artwork of Felix Abel Klaer.

Voidkind is available on CD and digital formats as well as 2xLP in the following color variants:

Burnt Skin Marble (US)
White Black Marble (US)
Dark Crimson Marbled (EU)
180g Black (EU)
Grey Brown w/ Black Smoke (EU – Ltd. 500)
Crystal Clear (EU – Ltd. 300)
White/Black Dust (EU – Ltd. 300)
Clear w/ Black Smoke (EU – Ltd. 666)
Clear w/ Black, Red + Gold Splatter (EU – Ltd.200)
Clear w/ Black Smoke (Band Exclusive – Ltd. 666 available HERE)
Clear w/ Black, Red + Gold Splatter (Band Exclusive – SOLD OUT)

Find ordering options at metalblade.com/dvne.

Next week, DVNE will embark on a European Spring tour which includes shows with Sleemo, Conjurer, and My Diligence on select dates. See all confirmed dates below.

DVNE Live:
4/23/2024 The Cluny – Newcastle, UK
4/24/2024 Brudenell — Leeds, UK
4/25/2024 Voodoo Daddies – Norwich, UK w/ Sleemo
4/26/2024 Green Door Store – Brighton, UK w/ Sleemo
4/27/2024 The Exchange – Bristol, UK w/ Sleemo
4/28/2024 Devils Dog – Birmingham, UK w/ Sleemo
5/04/2024 Headbangers – Ball Izegem, BE
5/05/2024 P8 – Karlsruhe, DE w/ Conjurer
5/07/2024 Casseopia – Berlin, DE w/ Conjurer
5/08/2024 Rosenkeller – Jena, DE w/ Conjurer
5/09/2024 Schon Schön – Mainz, DE  w/ Conjurer
5/10/2024 Dunk Festival – Ghent, BE
5/11/2024 Hall Of Fame – Tilburg, NL w/ Conjurer
5/16/2024 La Belle Angele – Edinburgh, UK
5/19/2024 Desertfest, – London, UK
5/22/2024 Le Ferrailleur – Nantes, FR w/ My Diligence
5/23/2024 Le Confort Moderne – Poitiers, FR w/ My Diligence
5/24/2024 Le Rex – Toulouse, FR w/ My Diligence
5/26/2024 L’Antirouille – Montpellier, FR w/ My Diligence
5/28/2024 Les Caves du Manoir – Martigny, CH w/ My Diligence
5/29/2024 Amperage – Grenoble, FR w/ My Diligence
5/30/2024 La Laiterie – Strasbourg, FR w/ My Diligence
5/31/2024 Black Lab – Lille, FR w/ My Diligence
6/01/2024 Le Petit Bain – Paris, FR w/ My Diligence
6/02/2024 Club Zentral – Stuttgart, DE
6/03/2024 Feierwerk – Munich, DE
6/04/2024 Rockhouse – Salzburg, AT
6/05/2024 Dürer Kert – Budapest, HU
6/06/2024 Escape – Vienna, AT
6/08/2024 Mystic Festival – Gdansk, PL
6/09/2024 Into The Grave Festival – Leeuwarden, NL
6/11/2024 Le Botanique – Brussels, BE w/ My Diligence
6/19/2024 Copenhell – Copenhagen, DK

DVNE Album Lineup:
Allan Paterson – guitars, bass
Daniel Barter – vocals
Dudley Tait – drums
Maxime Keller – keys, vocals
Victor Vicart – guitars, keys, vocal

DVNE Live Lineup:
Allan Paterson – bass
Daniel Barter – guitar, vocals
Dudley Tait – drums
Maxime Keller – keys, vocals
Victor Vicart – guitar, vocals

Occasional Live Member:
Alexandros Keros – bass

“Voidkind is a candidate for post-metal album of the decade thus far. Every note’s perfectly placed to make this an album that demands re-entry again and again. Between this and dune: Part Two, 2024 is already proving a spotless year for fans of batshit cosmic maximalism.” 9/10 – Metal Hammer UK

“The third album demands attention from the very first note – on the one hand because the strong first song ‘Summa Blasphe Mia’ and all the following tracks have a certain musical ambition, and on the other hand because the virtuoso playing of the instruments is simply gripping.” — Metal Hammer Germany

 “The album is definitely recommendable, especially because DVNE writes damn good riffs and embeds them in an exciting environment, as on Voidkind, which will definitely be one of the highlights of the genre in 2024.” — Fuze

“With Voidkind, DVNE propelled themselves to the top of the progressive charts for 2024 and manifested their exceptional position in such an impressive way that they truly left no wishes unfulfilled.” – EMP

“Post-metal done right.” — Scream Norway

DVNE continue their rise to the stars, delivering yet again on every imaginable front with a gargantuan tome of staggering riffs, gorgeous hooks, and stunning soundscapes.” – Everything Is Noise

“Voidkind is a compelling journey through the cosmos and the soul, beautifully brutal and intricately crafted, demanding multiple listens to truly appreciate its depth and craftsmanship. DVNE has set the bar high for the future of prog-metal, delivering an album that is not only powerful but profoundly moving.” – Lots Of Muzik

DVNE have truly outdone themselves on what is sure to be a highlight for this year and for their careers overall.” — Nine Circles

“With Voidkind, DVNE have stepped up once again from the significant success of their previous work. With influences ranging from Tool, Mastodon, Opeth and Neurosis to the Boards of Canada, the quintet have nurtured their developing sound and produced an expansive but exquisitely coherent album. The band demand a lot from the listener and multiple listens are essential to fully unlock everything that they have subtly and painstakingly constructed both musically and lyrically. For fans willing to scale the heights for which DVNE are aiming, they will be richly rewarded indeed. Join the religion….” — Hotel Hobbies


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