THE OFFSPRING Brought Old School Punk to Houston!

Pop-Punk Godfathers, The Offspring brought their tour “Let the Bad Times Roll” to Houston Texas on May 4th 2022. Right on time, The Offspring took the stage. Without saying a word, they played Staring At the Sun immediately followed up by Come Out and Play. After that is when the band started interacting with the crowd. After those 2 songs we had a bit of banter. The guys were having a blast and you could see they were so happy to be back. The Bayou Music Center was absolutely packed front to back. I feel that is pretty impressive since they were only touring with 1 other band. That speaks volumes on just how popular The Offspring is.

After a few hits including, Want You Bad, Let The Bad Times Roll and Behind Your Walls. Banter from Dexter Holland (lead singer/guitar player) and Noodles (vocals/guitar) about how Houston Offspring fans have “The voice of an angel”. Dexter said they’re just going to stay in Houston and play another show tomorrow because it wont get any better.

Bad Habit and Gotta Get Away came next, followed by a beautiful piano version of Gone Away. The see of phone flashlights was a sight to see. After Gone Away the whole band came back out to play Why Don’t You Get A Job. This is always a fan favorite, it seems. The crowd really gets into this song. Original Prankster and Can’t Get My Head Around You came next.

Band intros came after those songs with Noodles mentioning Dexter went back to school and actually got a PHD in Molecular Biology. A doctor and a bad ass rockstar. After intros, the lights went down and the giant hit song Pretty Fly For a White Guy started. This brought the house down!! Immediately following The Offspring tore into The Kids Aren’t Alright.

Following The Kids Aren’t Alright, the band said goodnight. Kind of… They came out for an encore comprising of You’re Gonna Go Far Kid and Self Esteem. This show gave me so much nostalgia. So many old school hits as well as some new school but same Offspring sound you know and love!