Streaming Now! Enter The Dooming Death Gates of ISCHEMIC’s New Self-Titled Album, Album Stream Premiere via CVLTNation , Self-Titled Album Out April 2, 2021


Montreal, QC – March 31, 2021

For fans of Autopsy, Thorr’s Hammer, Conan, Krallice, Fuck The Facts

Streaming Now! Enter The Dooming Death Gates of ISCHEMIC’s New Self-Titled Album

Album Stream Premiere via CVLTNation

Self-Titled Album Out April 2, 2021

L-R – Isabelle Tazbir – Vocals & Lyrics, Anthony Abbatangelo – Bass, Adam Korchok – Guitars, Mrudul Kamble – Drums
Photo Credit – Danika Zandboer

Canada’s Ischemic, purveyors of all things gloomy and dissonant are gearing up to release their second album, a self-titled full length that is set to be one of the most crushing albums of the year.

Before the record officially drops on Friday, April 2nd, the band has teamed up with CVLTNation for its exclusive full stream HERE.

The band adds:

“This recording is our most DIY endeavour yet, all production, engineering, and artwork were handled by the band and close friends, resulting in this stripped-down, but unrelenting collection of songs. This album was developed as a response to the more complex and melodic black metal sound on “Stagnation & Woe”. The tracks call back to the earliest days of the band, but with a decade of songwriting & touring experience under our belts.”

Crafted during Covid-19 lockdown, Ischemic‘s self-titled sophomore album is a listening experience that takes you on a trek through a haunted castle, where every corner is infested with isolation and creeping dread. Showcasing their dungeon-crawling doom and sludge riffs, the band has threaded charging death-metal assaults with dizzying black metal.

The intense, raw brutality of Ischemic is recommended for fans of Autopsy, Ahab, and Celtic Frost.

Due out on April 2, 2021 “Ischemic” is available for pre-order on

Track Listing:
1. Scabs (6:38)
2. Crawl out of Hell (11:38)
3. Illusion of Humanity (11:03)
4. Scattering Garden (22:21)
Album Length: 51:42

For more info:

Ischemic formed in 2012 through the unholy power of Kijiji, where both Isabelle Tazbir (vocals/lyrics) and Adam Korchok (guitar) were searching for fellow ghouls to play some sort of doomy, monolithic death metal. They linked up and began to pull together people from their respective friend groups to play in the band. It wasn’t long before the lineup was solidified and Ischemic could begin churning out filthy, crushing metal from the void.

Ischemic works collaboratively, riff skeletons are brought to the rest of the members, then cursed with flesh. This cohesiveness has resulted in 4 recordings:  “Frigid Descent” (2013); “All Paths Lead Nowhere” (2016); “Stagnation & Woe” (2018); and “Ischemic” (2021). The earlier records resonate with filthy, hellish, death/doom sounds that give way to experimentations in melodic black metal with “Stagnation & Woe”, and a revisit to the past in the most recent album.

The experienced musicians also lend their talents to other local acts; Tazbir has done time as a vocalist in the death metal bands Saprophyte, Serene Molestation, and Blastomycosis, and is currently in Experiment Specimen. Anthony Abbatangelo (bass) plays in the drone/psych band Qarafa and occasionally records and mixes projects for local bands. Mrudul Kamble (drums) fronts the progressive/death metal act Mors Verum and is working on launching a recording studio from his new home in Waterloo, ON.

The live show (post covid times) from Ischemic is both unsettling and energetic. What little light is permitted showcases disjointed, violent movements as Tazbir lures you into their tales of woe. They have shared the stage with the likes of Volur, Greber, Woe, Beyond Creation, and Iskra.

Ischemic’s new self-titled album is due out April 2, 2021.

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“Toronto’s Ischemic have plenty of blood, plus sweat and tears, in their similarly volatile fusion of death, doom and black metal.” – Exclaim!


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