SPREAD THIN Pull No Punches In “Unjustified” Off Debut Album “World Of Snakes” Out July 2024

SPREAD THIN Pull No Punches In “Unjustified” Off Debut Album “World Of Snakes” Out July 2024


Montreal, QC – July 9, 2024

SPREAD THIN Pull No Punches In “Unjustified”

New Album “World of Snakes” Out July 2024

Spread Thin is a Wisconsin hardcore quartet fusing power-violence, grind, and sludge into a hostile and indignant opus of aggression for those who like their music fast, loud, and without restraint. They are dropping their debut full-length “World Of Snakes”, on July 26, 2024, and are now sharing their third single “Unjustified” – an old-school, no-nonsense hardcore punk song that gets to the point. The band shares their thoughts on this single and the two that have already been released:

“We wanted an aggressive record with no filler. We feel we achieved what we sought out to record, but this is the beginning of where we want to go from here. The single is about how life is short, we don’t need to make it worse for ourselves and everyone else. Don’t be a bitch. The rest of the album has a lot of surprises, and these three tracks prepare the listener for what they can expect.”

Spread Thin, formed by four best friends from different bands, merges their diverse influences into a cohesive and aggressive sound. With earnest lyrics and fervent delivery, vocalist Ben Deml leads the charge, supported by Alex Dewall’s raucous, scraping guitars. The rhythm section features Tristan Wells’ chaotic, strategic drumming and Bryan W. Fleming’s garish, lively bass.

Unapologetic and impassioned, the band defines a volition of candor in their songwriting and live performances with forthright emotion and presentation. They practice very hard to have a tight rhythm section between the bass and drums, cutting through the chainsaw guitar tone and barking vocals. They are recommended for fans of Spy, Rotting Out, and Magrudergrind.

Watch and listen to the music video for “Unjustified” along with an interview on NoEcho HERE.

“World of Snakes” is due out on July 26, 2024, and is available for pre-order at https://spreadthin608.bandcamp.com.

Music Video – “Factory Job” – https://youtu.be/7AC7RZjfdGI​

Music Video – “Friendly Deception”  https://youtu.be/_IB2RNX_Rdg​

“World Of Snakes” Record Release Shows​
July 26 – Sparta, WI – Barney Community Center
July 27 – Milwaukee, WI – Falcon Bowl

Track Listing:​
1 – So Much Hate (2:00)
2 – Factory Job (2:00)
3 – Gaslit (1:52)
4 – Know What’s Bullshit? (2:17)
5 – Unjustified (1:01)
6 – Friendly Deception (3:17)
7 – Nailed (2:05)
8 – Moodswings (1:29)
9 – Listen Up! (2:23)
Album Length (18:17)

More info: https://linktr.ee/spreadthin608​


“Undergirded with dark and heavy currents of storming sound, “IDGAF” comes as a fierce, crushing, and relentless assault on your ear drums and leaves you crawing for more!” – Idioteq (2022)

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