Sleeping with Sirens: CTRL+Alt+Dlt Tour

July 30th brought Sleeping with Sirens to Gilleys Dallas. They brought Garzi, Point North and Don Broco with them. This was quite the show. Great night with a lot of amazing bands.

Garzi took the stage first to a short but sweet set. Lots of energy from the newcomers to the scene. the 3 piece band was full of energy and definitely got the crowd going as more and more poured in throughout their set. After they were at the merch table to do a little meet and greet with anyone that wanted to head on by.

Next was a band I caught briefly at So What Music Festival, Point North. The classic pop punk sound was noticed immediately. Not stopping the party that Garzi started Point North played a great set. Wonderful interaction with the crowd. I would love to check them out again sometime.

Now, this next band… WOW is all I can say. Don Broco is a beast to see live. The energy is bar none. From the wild antics of guitarist Simon Delaney, to the hard hitting beats from drummer Matt Donnelly. The groovy bass lines of Tom Doyle and you can’t get your eyes off of the lifeguard, i mean lead singer on duty, Rob Damiani. These guys came here to party and that is the biggest understatement of 2022. What an insane night. I had never heard of these guys but I became an instant fan! It had been a few years since they had been back in the states and if I was you , I would do everything I can to make sure to catch them next time.

Last and of course not least, was Sleeping With Sirens. I have been a fan for many many years and always do what I can to catch their show when they come to Dallas. Playing all the great hits that we have all loved from Do It Now, Remember It Later, Better Off Dead, If You Can’t Hang and If I’m James Dean, You’re Audrey Hepburn. Throwing in some newer hits like Leave It All Behind and Agree to Disagree. About half way through the show they did something so beautiful and slowed it down just a bit and played the ever popular Scene Five: With Ears to Hear, And Eyes to Hear and Scene Two: Roger Rabbit. So Happy to hear these songs live in their acoustic versions! I was happy to be at this show. Sleeping With Sirens definitely has a huge role in my life.