New Music Review: LEADBETTER BAND ‘Howl’

LEADBETTER BAND 'Howl' - Cover Photo

Rating: 7 / 10 Stars

Rating: 7 out of 10.

REVIEW – Based out of Bend, Oregon, the LEADBETTER BAND debuts a new album titled Howl. LEADBETTER BAND combine blues and rock for a great ride on their new 11 original track piece.

Howl opens with the hard rocking track “Waterdogs.” “Waterdogs” contains a fun classic rock sound that never lets go.

Follow up song, “Snake Oil” begins at a slower pace with rich vocals, well paced guitars and drums to bring the sound home. “Feedin the Landlord” starts off with bluesy guitar riffs with stellar vocals. “Habits” is a slow burning blues infused rock gem.

“The Hammer” brings the album to a close with a steady drum beat and spirited guitar riffs working in tandem to find the strength needed to carry on.

Howl is a good time that grows and gets better with each listen. Any fan of blues and rock will appreciate this listening experience.

LEADBETTER BAND are Eric Leadbetter (vocals/guitars), Patrick Pearsall (bass), and Dylan Bernal (drums).

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