New Music Review: ANVIL ‘Impact is Imminent’

ANVIL 'Impact is Imminent' - Cover Photo

Rating: 8 / 10 Stars

Rating: 8 out of 10.

ANVIL is: Steve Lips Kudlow (Guitar/Vocals), Robb Reiner (Drums), Chris Robertson (Bass)

REVIEW – As with its three predecessors, ‘Impact Is Imminent’ was produced by Martin Pfeiffer (U.D.O., among others) and Jörg Uken at Uken Soundlodge studios, and hence the successful formula consisting of Anvil/Pfeiffer/Uken has struck again.

The first song, titled “Ghost Shadow,” is set to be made available on March 11, and the second single, titled “Take A Lesson,” is slated to be made available on April 21.

Both songs are previews of an upcoming metal album that will include Anvil’s signature ferocious riff assaults, constantly pounding drums, and beautiful bass rhythms, together with melodic vocals and lyrics that will gradually embed themselves in the listener’s auditory tract. This heavy metal performance is built on the band’s founding members, Kudlow and Robb Reiner, the drummer. Anvil was formed more than four decades ago. Since 2008, these two have had the assistance of bassist Chris Robertson, who not only adds to the Anvil fold on a personal level but also bolsters the songs with his potent low-frequency bass parts and backup vocals, which have brought back polyphonic voices to Anvil’s music. Robertson has been with the band since 2008.

The fourteen songs that make up ‘Impact Is Imminent’ each have a variety of standout features and characteristics, including the following: If a band like Anvil really puts their foot down on a song, as they did with “Ghost Shadow,” you know you’re in for an unforgettable experience. The songs “Bad Side of Town,” “Fire Rain,” and “Lockdown” all have a sinister aspect to them, and the band elevates their already impressive musical talents with a breath of fresh air, an aggressive attitude, and an unyielding determination.

There are crushing riffs, crushing rhythms, screaming leads, and thunderous voices in “Take a Lesson.”. “Ghost Shadow” is a shredding and ripping masterpiece of metal. Listeners will be unable to resist the urge to stomp their feet and scream along to “Another Gunfight.” “Fire Rain” transports us back to a time when metal reigned supreme. “Teabag” is a big, boisterous, and catchy tune, but it’s also really well-crafted. Give a fist pump and a head bang to the rhythm of “Don’t Look Back” till you’re dizzy.. Snarling lead guitars, pounding drumming, and a thudding bass line can all be heard in “Someone To Hate”.

Rock out to “Bad Side of Town” with your air guitars. “Wizard’s Wand” will have you stomping your feet, pounding your fist, and yell with enthusiasm. Whenever you hear “Lockdown,” it’ll feel like you’re in a firestorm. Heavy metal mayhem is at your fingertips in “Explosive Energy.” All of the instruments in “The Rabbit Hole,” from the riffs to the percussion to the bass to the lead guitars, are top-notch, as are the Lips’ booming vocals. If you’re looking to get the party started, “Shockwave” is the song for you. The melody of ‘Gomez,’ a jazzy pop tune, is upbeat and enjoyable to move to.

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