JWA Media, Along With Other Former Associates, Gives Testimonial To Saving Country Music About Prior Employment Experience With 2911 Media & Disgraced Publicist & Manager, Kirt Webster


Please forgive me while I must use this space and platform to help do some much needed house-cleaning in the industry. Unfortunately there remains some industry predators in the music industry who are being harbored, hidden and supported by certain people. For this reason I have decided to come forward with a strong set of words in a recent investigative story published on SavingCountryMusic.com based on what I saw, heard and experienced during my own tenure in 2018-2019 while working for 2911 Media, and disgraced Publicist & Manager, Kirt Webster.

For the record, I am NOT claiming to be a victim here. Just someone who became uncomfortably close to someone very evil. However, the time has come for all the other real victims, the established and aspiring artists, the former employees, and other industry advocates, who are only chasing or sustaining their own life’s dream, to come out and let go of the fear which these industry predators and professional saboteurs have bestowed upon you for decades. Your stories and experiences need to be heard. I encourage you all to speak up to the media, your friends, colleagues, or if you feel you are victim of a crime, the Police and local District Attorney’s office.

Nobody should have to endure or be victimized by these kinds of people while in the pursuit of their lives and careers. This notion of tolerance and silence on this subject is completely UN-AMERICAN and ANTI-CHRISTIAN. Tolerating, hiding or being complicit with people who employ these kinds of behaviors and control – on any level – invalidates ALL of our AMERICAN rights to the pursuit of happiness. Everyone in the music industry must raise their standards RIGHT NOW, and STOP these types of predators dead in their tracks.

The #MeToo movement has still not totally cleansed the music industry, and there is still more work to be done.

And I am here to fight that fight if called upon…


Jason W. Ashcraft
Publicity & PR Manager
JWA Media


My statements at Saving Country Music read as follows…

One former employee of 2911 Media, Jason Ashcraft, also confirms this shadowy relationship between Kirt Webster, publicist Jeremy Westby, and 2911 Media.

“I was the first employee hired into 2911 Media in January 2018 right after Webster PR shut down from a multitude of legitimate sexual abuse and sabotage allegations that were brought against Kirt Webster,” Ashcraft tells Saving Country Music. “Both before and after I was hired, I was assured by Jeremy Westby that Kirt Webster had absolutely no involvement whatsoever in the company. I accepted the job on that premise, and like so many others, I inevitably learned that was all a big lie.”

As Jason Ashcraft’s employment at 2911 continued, Kirt’s role was revealed. “Webster was behind everything. The computer equipment I was provided, the blood money that Westby accepted from Webster paid my meager salary, and the mind-control that Webster still has over Jeremy Westby to this day. It just made me sick to learn all of this. In December of 2019, in my letter of resignation to Jeremy Westby, I specifically cited Kirt Webster’s bullshit as one of two reasons for my resignation.”

Jason Ashcraft is one of the few people who is willing to use his own name while speaking about Kirt Webster because of the intimidation Webster continues to use behind-the-scenes in the country music industry.

“I am damn sure not going to participate in this established culture of silence and fear about sexual rapists and industry predators that has been going on in Nashville before I marched into this town in 2018,” says Ashcraft. “If that means that I sacrifice my career in the country music industry in the process of pursuing what is right, then so be it. This will be one hell of a way to go back to being just a fan of music again…

“However… I would like to think that all of the real country music artists, and industry professionals in Nashville actually believe in the values, morals and life principles that real country music often seeks to instill in its listener. Please tell me that actions still speak louder than words in Nashville. I call upon the artists, the entertainment buyers, the tastemakers, those in the media, and the entire country music industry and family to hold Kirt Webster accountable for his actions, including the multitude of legitimate allegations which have been brought against him, for which all he’s done is run, hide and evade from. Let go of your fear. It is time for the truth to be known. It is time that industry predators like Harvey Weinstein, R. Kelly and allegedly—Kirt Webster—to be stopped dead in their tracks.”

One of the reasons Jason Ashcraft and others are speaking out is due to the fear that more individuals will be victimized by Kirt Webster in the future…


Former Kirt Webster Employees Detail Ongoing Abuse and Deception