Exclusive Interview: ARMORED DAWN

ARMORED DAWN 2018 Promo Web Cover Photo

What do you get when you mix Heavy Metal and Vikings? Masters of Metal at its finest… ARMORED DAWN! Formed in 2014 in São Paulo, Brazil ARMORED DAWN has built an incredible following by playing in some of the biggest cities in South America and opening for bands such as MEGADETH, SYMPHONY X, TARJA, MARILLION, THE OFFSPRING and SABATON. ARMORED DAWN toured Europe in 2017 opening for FATES WARNING and are currently scheduled to hit Europe again this fall with HAMMERFALL. ARMORED DAWN’s latest album and major label debut Barbarians In Black is available now via AFM Records.

INFRARED MAG: What was your inspiration for Barbarians In Black?

ARMORED DAWN: Obviously, viking and medieval themes really inspired us to write the lyrics. We’ve tried to bring daily inspirations, as the challenges we face everyday in our lives. Musically, we were influenced by different styles, from Classic Rock to Thrash Metal.

INFRARED MAG: Who would you like to tour with?

ARMORED DAWN: It would great to play alongside bands which influenced us since we were kids like Black Sabbath, Iron Maiden. It also would be nice to tour with a more recent band, like Amon Amarth.

INFRARED MAG: What was the first concert you ever attended and are you still a fan of their music?

ARMORED DAWN: One of the first concerts we’ve attended was Offspring. We like their music a lot, and in spite our style is very different from theirs, we pleased good part of the audience. We also attended concerts of Megadeth, Saxon, Symphony X e Sabaton, which are bands we really admire.

INFRARED MAG: Do you remember the first time you heard something that made you want to be a musician what was it?

ARMORED DAWN: Particularly, I wanted to be a musician since my childhood, when I started listening to Rainbow and Black Sabbath.

INFRARED MAG: Besides music what do you like to do that makes you happy?

ARMORED DAWN: We like a lot to travel, so when we are on a tour, we have fun twice! Besides that, having a beer is a very good reason to get happy.

INFRARED MAG: What is the best way for fans to support your band?

ARMORED DAWN: Listening to our music on digital platforms, watching our videos on YouTube, buying our merchandise, and of course, going to our concerts.

INFRARED MAG: Is there anything that you do special right before you get on stage?

ARMORED DAWN: Actually there’s nothing special. We are used to warm up, do some stretching, and concentrate.

INFRARED MAG: Is there anything else that you would like to say that has not been said yet to your fans?

ARMORED DAWN: Show up at our next gigs, strengthen heavy metal scene!

INFRARED MAG: Please tell us where to follow you on social media and also where we can purchase your merchandise.

ARMORED DAWN: You can find us on Facebook and Instagram as Armored Dawn. As far as possible, we answer all messages ourselves. About our merchandise, it can be bought in specialized stores, in our concerts, and we have a virtual store coming soon, so then our products will be available all around the world!

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