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Music Review-The Dollyrots- “Eat My Heart Out “

1. Kick Me To The Curb
2. Love You Most
3. Jackie Chan
4. Wreckage
5. Feed Me, Pet Me
6. Penny
7. Goodnight Tonight
8. Dance With Me
9. New College
10. Promised Call
11. Skinny
12. Nobody Else
13. Be My Baby
14. Alpha Mansion
15. Little Black Book
16. This Crush (Original)

Review-Last week, I reviewed the new cd by The Dollyrots. So, I decided to get back in the warp machine and go back to a different time for the band. Their debut album came out 13 years ago on a label that I am pretty sure did not know what kind of gem they were working with. In the world of bubblegum pop and catchy radio punk music, most labels and public relations assume that if you cover one band, you cover them all. That could be true till you hear Kelly Ogden give you her girl-group influenced pop that is both catchy and intoxicating. A band like The Dollyrots do not create music, they create moments. That certain song or lyric that you are in the mall and it just sums up that moment for you. This is that high school party that is never going to end. The type of cd that balances radio friendly with personal viable. There is such an innocence and charm to this cd, that I feel even the bands that inspired this band could feel inspired themselves. This is clearly a band that has a thin line to draw between coming off sincere or coming off commercial.

The spirit of the album is pure pop, bubblegum tie up the converse and dance in front of the mirror. The cd has some aggressive moments thrown in to keep the listener off balance, which works for Kelly. She really has such a sweetness to her that when she digs in the bag of personality she comes up with something that changes your perspective of her. The album is catchy, this is one of those times that if you listen to one song, it is like eating chips. You have to go to the next song and so on. The album does have moments that feel a little too cutesy, I guess is the word that can describe it for me. This is a band who were inspired by Lesley Gore if she fronted Rancid. To hear what they are doing now, seems like they did not stray too far away from what brought them to the vinyl dance. This is a good start for any fan who wants to hear what Paramore would be if they had talent.

8 out of 10

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