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Music Review-The Dollyrots-” The Dollyrots”

1. “Starting Over”
2. “I Wanna Go”
3. “Hyperactive”
4. “Satellite”
5. “Twist Me to the Left”
6. “Time Will Stop”
7. “So Wrong It’s Right”
8. “F U Famous”
9. “Pretty on the Outside”
10. “South of the Border”
11. “After 2012”
12. “Starting Over Again”
13. “Because I’m Awesome (2012)”

Review-The Dollyrots are an adrenaline shot on the music scene. Where the pop/punk bubblegum of their first album is hard to ignore, this follow up is such an important album. Where most bands put out music just to say they did it, The Dollyrots put out music to make the scene better. With this band, you are fair to say you know what to expect. You are not going to get anything less than catchy fun positive vibes. The music they put out is like a movie, you get an escape from life. They do not give you anything to think deeply about, they give you music to feel free and be who you are. “ I Wanna Go” sounds like a song write out of the Ramones playbook. It is poppy, infectious and will get stuck in your mind. It has the classic sing-a-long breakdown that would fire up a live setting or party. Kelly attacks the bass in such a passionate way, you can hear every thump as it hits hard. Luis also compliments the song with his guitar parts, that just are air guitar beauty. “ Time Will Stop” is a different vibe for the band as it gets louder and more ambitious as it goes forward. You also get some Latin reference on the song “ South of the Border”. They also give you a love song as well with “ After 2012”. Well, a love song they way they view love. This album is a showcase of a band that keep the DIY spirit alive and do not answer to anyone. The album as a whole is really a fast splash into so many different oceans but in the end it is a great example of when music is done from the heart, not the pocket or the office. I will say in terms of what albums by what bands you should own, this is the best Dollyrots album to me. This is a must buy.

9 out of 10

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