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New Music Review: FATALIST “The Bitter End”

Neil Burkdoll Guitars, Vocals, Guitars, Bass, Vocals
Wes Caley Guitars, Vocals, Guitars, Bass, Vocals
Griffin Figueroa Drums

Review-Fatalist are one of those bands that understand their fan base and know how to keep them happy. I can remember my first taste of this band in 2010. I thought they were bringing back the passion and energy of Entombed. 7 years have passed since my first taste, and I have to say that my feelings are still the same. This is a band that commands respect, from first song to last, this is a band that is dead set on devouring the whole musical landscape. The sound is raw and classic with a dash of polish here and there. Listen to the song, “ Devoured” and watch your world completely change almost immediately. This cd is going to be the reason I am going to go deaf in life. There is no way, you can listen to this cd on any volume other than loud or fucking loud. While some metal purists will gripe that the scene is so wide and over-saturated that bands like this offer nothing truly different to the scene. My answer to this is that when the material is this impact and this important, why should we care about making comparisons? Just appreciate the fact that they are staying true to themselves and what they do. Wes Coley is starting to come into his own on the vocals. At times on this record, he does sound like he is not sure about himself. This questioning at certain moments does open up this mid range that I feel is his weakness. That being said, this is a cd that is just pounding and intense. If you are a fan of old school Entombed, you would love this record. Metal keeps on living, which is never a bad thing. I hope you support this album and help fly the flag for our genre.

9 out of 10

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