New Music Review: STAN SNOW ‘Into the Great Beyond’

STAN SNOW 'Into the Great Beyond' - Cover Photo

Rating: 8 / 10 Stars

Rating: 8 out of 10.

REVIEW – Seattle-based musician STAN SNOW has unveiled his latest musical offering, an album titled ‘Into the Great Beyond.’ This 12-track masterpiece is a melodic journey that traverses various musical landscapes, encompassing elements of Indie Rock, Americana, and Classic Rock.

The album takes flight with its opening track, “Guard,” a composition that seamlessly weaves together gentle guitars and harmonies that envelop the listener. As the musical voyage continues, “Chemical Fallacy” follows suit with engaging horn arrangements, injecting a burst of energy into the mix. “Insanity Repeats” beckons the audience with soaring guitars and a steady drumbeat, creating an irresistible rhythm that’s impossible to ignore. “Into the Great Beyond” pays homage to the influences of iconic rock legends like The Who, adding depth and dimension to the album’s sonic landscape. And in “Try,” we are transported to the reminiscent sounds of Peter Gabriel’s solo work, with engaging guitars and vocals that induce head-bopping and foot-tapping.

STAN SNOW’s creative vision for this album extends beyond his own talents, as he has enlisted the collaboration of an impressive lineup of musicians. Among them are Abe Laboriel Jr. (known for his work with Paul McCartney), Valerie Pinkston (renowned for her contributions to Aretha Franklin and Whitney Houston’s music), Lyle Workman (noted for his guitar work with Sting and Beck), and Ben Smith (a member of the iconic rock band Heart), among others. This ensemble of exceptional artists infuses the album with a rich tapestry of talent that resonates throughout all 12 tracks.

“Into The Great Beyond” is more than just an album; it’s a musical odyssey that showcases STAN SNOW’s artistry and his ability to seamlessly traverse diverse musical genres. With a cadre of gifted collaborators, Snow has crafted a body of work that invites listeners to embark on a sonic adventure, exploring the boundless realms of music.

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