Stan Snow: Into The Great Beyond Review

Photo courtesy of Stan Snow

1.    Guard                        3:47
2.    Chemical Fallacy          3:49
3.    Now                 2:01
4.    Fight                  3:51
5.    Gone Too Fast         3:47
6.    Insanity Repeats        4:02
7.    Trouble            3:46
8.    Into the Great Beyond    4:23
9.    Jungle                3:44
10.    Try                4:18
11.    Change            3:15
12.    Seasons            4:12
13.    Jungle (AltMix)        3:43 

Seattle based musician, Stan Snow debuts a new album titled Into The Great Beyond. The 12 track album showcases varying musical sounds ranging from Indie Rock, Americana, and Classic Rock.

The opening track “Guard” brings together gentle guitars and enveloping harmonies.”Chemical Fallacy” follows up with engaging horn arrangements to pick up the pace. “Insanity Repeats” draws the listener in with soaring guitars and a steady drum beat. “Into the Great Beyond” demonstrates the influences of the Who. “Try” beckons to the earlier sounds of Peter Gabriel’s solo work with engaging guitars and headbopping vocals.

Stan Snow enlisted the assistance of many talented artists for his new album: Abe Laboriel Jr. (Paul McCartney), Valerie Pinkston (Aretha Franklin, Whitney Houston), Lyle Workman (Sting, Beck), and Ben Smith (Heart) among others. The album offers an impressive array of talent that carries throughout all 12 tracks.

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