With two releases in the pipeline for next year, 2021 is about to get a whole lot heavier!

Majestic Mountain Records – home to the likes of Saint Karloff, Electic Hydra and The King’s Pistol – is psyched to announce the signing of Nordic doomsmen, Jointhugger.

Hailing from the fjords of Norway, Jointhugger are an explosive trio that instantly bring to mind the cosmic doom and atmospheres of rock colossi such as Shrinebuilder, Sleep and YOB. Having first came to the label’s attention back in April 2019, it was until a year later and the release of their storming debut, I Am No One, that Majestic Mountain Records simply had to act. As Marco Berg explains:

“When the label first formed, we held early talks with Jointhugger about their demo (DAEMO, 2019), but we were so busy setting up our initial projects it proved impossible to get something sorted. Now however the stars have finally aligned and we’re ready to make magic together at last.”

Lead singer Nico concurs, “Joining the ranks alongside bands like Saint Karloff and The King’s Pistol, whom we admire and already have great relationships with, is like being welcomed home to an astonishing family. We couldn’t be happier about signing.”

With two releases planed for the first half of next year, 2021 promises to be a year of progression. A chance to lay waste to the turbulence of the world over the last twelve months and celebrate something new; heavier and more hopeful than before.

Await the call, the hour of Jointhugger is nigh.

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