New Music Review: SPENCER ELLIOTT ‘SE3’


Rating: 8 / 10 Stars

Rating: 8 out of 10.

REVIEW – Hailing from West Virginia, instrumental progressive acoustic rock guitar artist, Spencer Elliot joined by Sean Sydnot (bass) and Chris Hudson (drums) on the new album, SE3. Spencer Elliot has a special gift of embracing so many different genres bringing fans from all sorts of backgrounds to find an appreciation for his talents.

The opening song, “Torque,” begins with layered guitars and bass that brings together a rich sound that never lets go. “Silver Maple” slows down the tempo for a ride along together on a Sunday afternoon type of vibe. “Rain Shadow” is a song that calls back to classic 1980s soft paced rock sounds. “Insignificant” starts off with a haunting whimsical tune then transitioning into frenetic guitars. “The Wolf and The Hawk” holds a surreal feeling at the beginning showing the endeavors we all face and then eases into moving pace to keep going.

Fan of various acts: Animals as Leaders, Liquid Tension Experiment, and Tool will find a level of brevity and new found spirit with this album. The rolling guitars, bass, and drums all come together for a satisfying ride.

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