Gore House Prod. – TRAUMATOMY’s “Womb Of The Desecrated” Satisfies The Urge For Brutal Slam Off “Triumph of Enslavement” Out July 2024

Gore House Prod. – TRAUMATOMY’s “Womb Of The Desecrated” Satisfies The Urge For Brutal Slam Off “Triumph of Enslavement” Out July 2024


Montreal, QC – June 19, 2024

TRAUMATOMY’s “Womb Of The Desecrated” Satisfies The Urge For Brutal Slam

New Album “Triumph of Enslavement” Out July 2024 via Gore House Productions

Regurgitated in 2012, the international slam band Traumatomy aggressively marches forward with their ninth album “Triumph of Enslavement”, coming out July 5, 2024. The second single “Womb Of The Desecrated” is out now, and coupled with the first single “Consumed Into Nothing” they provide a glimpse of the brutal music that can be expected in the EP. The band comments on the single which will stand out amongst the other tracks:

“This may be the most groovy track on the album. For fans of true slamming brutal death metal. It’s very different from the previous single in that it’s more groove-heavy, which shows that we can find a different approach to composing and structuring music.”

“Womb Of The Desecrated” epitomizes the essence of Traumatomy‘s sound: slammy, primitive, crushing, gnarly, and brutal. The new EP promises to be faster, more brutal, and rawer than ever before, solidifying Traumatomy’s status in the brutal death metal genre.

Known for their coordinated and intense stage presence, Traumatomy’s live shows are a testament to their charisma and professionalism. With numerous live videos available on YouTube, fans can witness the band’s ferocity and precision firsthand. “We will make slam music till we die” they declare, embodying their uncompromising commitment to their craft. They are recommended for fans of Cerebral Incubation, PeelingFlesh, and Epicardiectomy.

Listen to “Womb Of The Desecrated” at the following links:

YouTube – https://youtu.be/xCCEak0YJhA​

Spotify – https://open.spotify.com/track/56EPaDJgr0iPWu6j6rL7m8?si=ecf2acd551e14926​

First Single – “Consumed Into Nothing” at the following links:

YouTube – https://youtu.be/1KIQN6d76bQ​

Spotify – https://spoti.fi/3V0ACf8​

Available as of July 5th, 2024 “Triumph of Enslavement” CD / Cassette pre-orders are available from Gore House Productions at https://store.gorehouseproductions.com/collections/traumatomy/​

All Digital Platforms (Bandcamp, Apple Music) – https://orcd.co/triumph-of-enslavement​

Track Listing:​
1. Ingress To Horridness (1:34)
2. Triumph Of Enslavement (3:38)
3. Consumed Into Nothing (3:15)
4. Womb Of The Desecrated (3:11)
5. Acknowledge The Inevitable End (3:38)
​EP Credits:​
All songs performed by Traumatomy
All songs written by Constantine Chevardin
Produced by Constantine Chevardin
Mixed by Mychal Soto
Mastered by Mychal Soto
EP artwork by Jon Zig
​EP band line-up:​
Constantine – Guitars
Ivan – Drums
Bogdan – Bass
Haruka – Vocals
Kirill – Vocals
​Live band line-up:​
Constantine – Guitars
Ivan – Drums
Bogdan – Bass
Kirill – Vocals

More info: ​Gorehouseproductions.com​ | Facebook.com/traumatomy | Instagram.com/traumatomy.slam​


“Well, this is short and sweet at just over 15 minutes. Triumph of Enslavement is a nice little (tiny?) slab of brutal death metal that opens up with a mid-paced but heavy, crushing intro before swerving in a faster, but no less heavy, death metal onslaught. They do slow down, sometimes almost to a crawl, but the crushing heaviness is omnipresent, clickety drums included (OK, that has nothing to do with heaviness, but you do get the clickety drums). The growls are deep, deeper than I usually like, but they’re a perfect fit for the music here—I wouldn’t see a different style working quite as well. It’s dark, it feels like the weight of the world going through your ears, and sometimes that’s just what you need.” – The Metal Crypt

«There is a consistent groove throughout each song which either features slow, dragging parts where the focus is on the slams, or faster parts in which the riffs and drumming get a lot more technical and intense» – Angelusmortem

«Musically, Traumatomy’s style is very similar to Abominable Putridity, Visceral Disgorge, Party Cannon and Epicardiectomy since the songs have that groovy aesthetic but this time, they’ve bring more depth in their sound since every song doesn’t feel the same as it keeps the melodics, tempos, arrangements and style feel its welcomed and for that, I truly feel this is the best Traumatomy album they’ve done to date» – Metalpurgatorymedia

«You want absolute bestial brutality? You’ve got it!» – Bloodynews.ro

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