Saudi Thrash Metal DUNE’s Lyric Video For “Insidious” Is A Heavy Thrash Trip Through Deep Personal Matters

Saudi Thrash Metal DUNE’s Lyric Video For “Insidious” Is A Heavy Thrash Trip Through Deep Personal Matters


Montreal, QC – June 20, 2024

Saudi Thrash Metal DUNE’s Lyric Video For “Insidious” Is A Heavy Thrash Trip Through Deep Personal Matters

New EP “Years Of Chains” Out Now!

Thrash fans take note and get ready to dive into the dark and groovy tones of “Insidious” with the latest lyric video from the Saudi trash outfit DUNE. The track comes from the band’s recently released debut EP “Years Of Chains” released this past May. This composition is a showcase of the band’s unique approach to music – chainsaw-heavy guitars, chunky bass slaps, and highly technical drums, all underscored by aggressive vocals. The band comments on the EP, which has been a long time coming:

“Years of Chains” is an EP that we wrote years ago but didn’t get a chance to properly record due to multiple difficulties that came our way, after years we have chosen a list of the songs from the originals we have for the EP. The recording process was fun yet we looked for perfection to make the songs as we imagined them with the best quality that we could make.”

“Insidious” delves into themes around culture, urban legends, and personal issues, reflecting the depth and versatility of DUNE‘s lyrical and musical expression. As the band continues to redefine the boundaries of modern metal, “Insidious” promises to be a standout moment on the EP.

Known for their unique fusion of Thrash Metal with Djent, Nu Metal, Oriental, and Groove Metal influences, DUNE‘s sound is a sonic journey that defies traditional genre boundaries. The band’s resurrection in 2021 has been met with immense enthusiasm from both loyal fans who witnessed their early years and new listeners hungry for a fresh, powerful sound. They are recommended for fans of Pantera, Metallica, and Korn.

Watch and listen to the lyric video for “Insidious” via its premiere on MetalInsider HERE.

Dune‘s new EP “Years Of Chains” is available on all digital platforms at​

Spotify –​​

Track Listing:​
1. Sieve – 4:41
2. Reject – 5:06
3. Insidious – 4:28
4. Refuge – 4:35
EP Length: 18:52

More info: |​


“Galloping thrash metal from Saudi Arabia, Refuge is taken from Dune’s first ever EP, Years Of Chains, which arrives next month. Incredibly, 2024 marks the twentieth anniversary of Dune’s formation, so whether you’ve been into them for a while or are new to their particular brand of noise, there’s no bad time to get on board. Refuge may be a little rough around the edges, but there’s no arguing with those riffs!”- Metal Hammer

“There is a moment during “Years of Chains” where Dune vocalist Samer Nakhala lets fly with a scream which could have been lifted from any mid-90s Slayer recording. Elsewhere throughout this four-track effort, Dune takes you on a trip combining old-school and modern thrash metal. Like the scream, you can pick out plenty of influences such as Pantera and Slayer throughout these eighteen minutes while lyrically, the band explore a world of dark thoughts and aggression. All combined, “Years of Chains” is a veritable feast of punchy thrash for those who like to bang their hands.” –

““Sieve,” the opening track builds suspense and fills the listener with a sense of foreboding. Directing the chaotic edge into the whirlwind.” – The Median Man

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