New Music Review: THE SMALLEST CREATURE ‘Magic Beans’

THE SMALLEST CREATURE ‘Magic Beans’ - Cover Photo

REVIEW – New album Magic Beans from The Smallest Creature invites a new generation of 90s influenced rock to the audience.

Starting with the slow paced Would You Blink brings a gentle buildup leading into guitar heavy hooks that keep the listener engaged. The next track October Song is reminiscent of a Soundgarden sound with a slower paced steady beat that sneaks up with heavy drums and melodic guitars. You Are Ready resonates as a shadowy infused song finding the inner darkness within with haunting drums and a steady guitar beat. You Seem Well showcases soaring guitar riffs with a hypnotic hold of bold lyrics such as  “This bitter strain this stain in your paint into the end of my days will cut through me.” The album closes on a subdued note with The Mist.

Member of the band include:

Stefanos Marnerides: Vocals, Guitars
Andreas Matheou: Guitars, Vocals
Pavlos Papadopoulos: Bass
Iacovos Stylianides: Drums

Magic Beans embraces the 90s alternative rock sound showcasing influences from Radiohead, Nirvana, Soundgarden, Alice In Chains, Arctic Monkeys, Eels, U2, Oasis, Blur, The Verve, Muse, Pearl Jam, as well as classics like The Beatles and Black Sabbath. The Smallest Creature is successful in honing the sound as their own without relying too much on sounding exactly like their influences. This album is a must listen for any rock fan.

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