New Music Review: FROZEN CROWN ‘Crowned In Frost’

FROZEN CROWN 'The Fallen King' - Cover Photo

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REVIEW – Arctic Gales solid fist in the air majestic metal riffs pounding rhythms. Neverending chugging guitars searing leads pounding rhythms soaring vocals that just garb you and won’t let go. In the Dark the power and majesty just envelops you and makes you feel as if you can take on the world and win. Battles In The Night pounding drums thundering bass screaming guitars and powerful vocals stand up shout and fist pump. Winterfall up on a mountain top alone in the elements just surviving and taking it all in as you ponder your life.  Unspoken swirling keyboards chugging riffs thundering beats and soaring vocals just consume you. Lost In Time fist pumping head banging sing along metal magic. The Wolf And The Maiden alone in the woods listening to the sounds of the wild close your eyes and just take a musical journey.     Forever stand clap sway and fist pump as you join in and sing along. Enthroned keyboards flow all around with a very classical feel and s emotional vocals. Crowned In Frost fist pumping head banging foot stomping prog metal that will just take you away on a mysterious ride.

FROZEN CROWN is: Giada Jade Etro – Vocals, Federico Mondelli – Vocals/Guitar/Keyboards, Talia Bellazecca – Guitar, Filippo Zavattari – Bass, Alberto Mezzanotte – Drums