ANCIENT ENTITIES Unleashes Debut Tech Death Album “Echoes of Annihilation” On WormHoleDeath Records

ANCIENT ENTITIES Unleashes Debut Tech Death Album “Echoes of Annihilation” On WormHoleDeath Records


Montreal, QC – June 21, 2024

ANCIENT ENTITIES Unleashes Debut Tech Death Album “Echoes of Annihilation”

Debut Album Out On WormHoleDeath Records

L-R – Live Lineup – Luke Veranth – Bass, Bernardo Mendia – Drums, Brian Gulliford – Vocals, Alex Rausa – Guitar, Jake Falk – Guitar

​Ancient Entities, coming from Milwaukee, USA, are pleased to announce the release of their debut album “Echoes Of Annihilation” on WormHolDeath Records. The nine-track album is a mythical sonic odyssey with each song offering a unique glimpse into the past. From the burning of Rome in “Empire In Ashes” to the creation of the human race in “Creatures Of the Sand”, Ancient Entities masterfully capture the essence of ancient history through sound. They comment on the recording process:

“The album took 6 months to produce, mix, and master. The legendary Wjotec Wieslawski from Hertz Recording made sure we got our best work on track and did not compromise when it came to making a perfect album. We recorded here in the States at multiple studios and Hertz mixed and mastered the album. We wanted to work with Wjotec ‘cause he produced some of our favorite bands growing up such as Behemoth, Decapitated, and Hate. In our opinion, he helped create a masterpiece of an album and we hope everyone else thinks so too.”

The album artwork was made by Burns who handles most of the artwork for the band. It combines different pyramids that are cinematic, but still very obvious that this is a death metal; album. Listeners who dig into the album will find there is a refreshing mix of styles of death metal – modern, old school, and some sounds in between genres. Over the last two years of playing and testing out local markets, Ancient Entities is confident that their massive sound will be well received by all fans of metal old and new. They are recommended listening for fans of Blood Red Throne, Nile, and Aeon.

As of June 21, 2024, “Echoes of Annihilation” is available at the following links:

Digital –​



Lyric Video – “Pierced by Obsidian” –


Track Listing:​
1. Cenote Sagrado (1:21)
2. Empire In Ashes (4:19)
3. Creatures From The Sand (3:42)
4. Blood Upon Stone (3:16)
5. Ritual Autopsy (4:43)
6. Hidden (3:53)
7. Pierced by Obsidian (4:08)
8. Wall of War (4:28)
9. Damnatio Ad Flammas (3:24)
Album Length: 32:18

Album Recording Lineup:
Alex Rausa – Guitar
Bernardo Mendia – Drums
Cole Daniels – Bass
Brian Gulliford – Vocals
Jake Falk – Guitar
Live Band Lineup:
Alex Rausa – Guitar
Bernardo Mendia – Drums
Luke Veranth – Bass
Brian Gulliford – Vocals
Jake Falk – Guitar

More info:​


“Ancient Entities are not just a random band name, but a state of mind on Echoes Of Annihilation. They go back in history to when Mayans and Aztecs reigned, where the idea of a person being tied to a stake and burned alive while wearing a flammable vest was not a plot point to a B-level horror film. Mummification, the burning of Roman civilization and sacrificial cannibalism are just some of the subjects explored with turbulent death metal.” – Heavy Music Headquarters

“”Echoes of Annihilation ” it is a solid and extremely flowing platter, full of inspired moments and cared for in almost all its aspects… it’s a really good hit in the teeth!” –

““Hidden,” is a snarling, thrashing menace. A song that brings the burrowing of time to forment the great beyond.” – The Median Man

“The band’s mission is clear: to transport listeners to ancient times, capturing the essence of historical narratives through their relentless music, its enveloping atmosphere and crushing riffs.” – Broken Tomb Magazine

“ANCIENT ENTITIES plays in a real frenzy, especially in the last third, literally overturns modern, yet old-school Death Metals at the constant demonstration and has not had a single song in your pocket until the end that you want to skip for any reason. So you can congratulate the boys on a proper first performance, who wonderfully bridges the gap between classic and contemporary death lead and sends a clear signal here and there, especially when it comes to brutality. Even if the gruesome artwork suggests bad things: “Echoes Of Annihilation” is a really cool death metal disc!” –

“Ancient Entities with Echoes of Annihilation, this is a Milwaukee band that really focuses in on how to balance technical death metal while still making it listenable for the non-tech death fans out there. They know how to do some fretboard gymnastics. They definitely know how to play across the drum kit but it’s also something that doesn’t just go absolutely insane 100% of the time. They know how to write songs, they just know when to show off at the right times and that’s the kind of album I can really be behind. It has a really rich and full production style yet just raw enough to kind of give it a mid-late 90s kind of feel behind it. This is a death metal album that really should be up a lot of people’s alley and if you like the slightest amount of tech death you shall love Ancient Entities.” – Heavy Debriefings

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