Patrick Ames: Harmonium Review

Harmonium Tracks:
No People Are Supreme
Will I Ever Be Noticed
Is It Okay to Complain
Last Night Was No Mistake

Californian Singer songwriter Patrick Ames debuts a new album titled Harmonium. Patrick Ames is featured on guitars and vocals. Jon Ireson is on bass, guitars, keyboards, programming, and producer. Chana Matthews is on back up vocals.

The first song “No People Are Supreme” is a slow paced soft rock tune that captures the sound of The Doors. The song showcases layered sound that reaches new heights on repeated listening.

The next track “Sometimes” is a folk infused piece offering the listener a look at how we need to address important matters we are faced with.

“DontChaWanna” features a faster paced guitar beginning before diving into a gem that never lets go. Just asking the question: “DontChaWanna” quit your job to go be a rock star is something many have pondered and makes a fun listen to.

“Is It Okay to Complain” features lyrics describing the experience of a parent and their children as they age together. With gentle guitar strums and steady dsrum beats, this song offers a very insightful mindset into a family dynamic.

The seven song album is a great piece for a Sunday afternoon listen.

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