Nightwalks New Singles Review

Maryland-based quarter Night Walks debuts two new songs titled “Sidelines” and “Rather Hide.” Haviung formed in late 2020, Nightwalks came together during the pandemic to bring together a new sound.

“Sidelines” is synth based track that beckons to the space influenced sounds of David Bowie. The bass line hooks the listener with infectuous dreamy lyrics that never let go. “Rather Hide” starts off with rhythmic drums segueing into calm guitars as the singer describes how they have no place to go.

These two songs offers a great insight into what their forthcoming debut will sound like.

Members of the band include:

David French (guitars, vocals)

Shawn Korkie (keys, synths, backing vocals, percussion)

Sam Hughes (bass, backing vocals, percussion)

Alex Kohler (drums, percussion)

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