Brady Harris: Hotel In The Sky EP Review

Photo Courtesy of Brady Harris

01 Hotel in the Sky
02 Economy of Sound
03 Welcome Back to the Comedown
04 Parting Gift
05 Chateau Hill

Indie Rock Musician and Producer Brady Harris debuts a new Americana Rock EP titled Hotel In The Sky. The five song set offers an array of electric riffs, sensational melodies, inriguing pop sounds, and deep vocals that call back to John Lennon,

The first song “Hotel In The Sky” introduces a throwback to the feeling of love and a tribute to the infamous East London drug den. “Economy Of Sound” counters on the life-changing influence of music and departure from reality it provides from the point of view of a teenager stuck in suburbia. “Parting Gift” starts off with compelling guitars before diving into the depths of a love affairs that will not let go.

Brady Harris demonstrates a great expression of a true story teller and composer creating memorable songs that feel like they have been around for a long time.

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