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ZZ TOP Plays Music Hall at Fair Park Dallas to a Sold Out House

ZZ Top photo by Will Crews

Dallas, TX – As photography goes in some of the larger venues like Gexa, AAC and Music Hall Fair Park we only get to listen to the 1st 3 songs of each scheduled band so there are pluses and minuses to shooting concert photography. Especially if you grew up listening to and loving the band your going to shoot as with myself and the ZZ Top band. They started out here in Texas some 45 or so years ago putting me in the 13 to 14 year old very impressionable teenager range. I had personally been to only one concert with these guys which was in 1983 when they came through Dallas promoting the Eliminator album. Sometimes we are able to get a plus one which is a seat for the writer or reviewer of the show for the magazine or article produced for the show. For this one there was not an available seat. SOLD OUT.

Depending on the venue that we are shooting there are times that we just get to hang out and listen to the rest of the show. The positive for last night at Fair park’s Music Hall is that I got to listen to Zz Top perform one of my all time favorite off the 1983 Eliminator album “Got Me Under Pressure” at which the crowd erupted into applause the minute these guys starting sneaking onto the stage with the lights down.

Next they played two songs from the 1973 album Tres Hombres hits of “Waitn’ for the Bus” and “Jesus Just Left Chicago”. It was hard to leave the building of approximately 3400 rocking out people of all ages with these guys blowing it up on stage only the way that they do it but as life has it with it’s positives and negatives “it was a great night for me” and a positive.  I loved the 3 songs I got to hear live, up close and personal. Only slightly sad that I did not get to see the rest of their performance with a mix of some more old and new tunes from other reports but I will try again the next time they are in town.


Got to love the fans.  What a great show!







Will Crews
Will Crews is a Dallas-Fort Worth based photographer specializing in concert, live event and sports photography. He especially enjoys capturing crucial and precious moments of the sports lives of the athletes he photographs. Check out more of his work at Will Crews Photography.
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